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India Jobs: Salesforce Roles, One With Permanent Remote Working. Grab Them Now!

URGENT SALESFORCE ROLES / OPPORTUNITIES Salesforce India chairperson and CEO Arundhati Bhattacharya  recently said that the San Francisco-based company is expecting India to become its fastest growing market.  Business Standard  quoted Bhattacharya making this observation. Similarly, job opportunities for Salesforce Developer / Technical lead, Developer SFDC, Salesforce - SSE (Permanent remote working) are on the rise in India. Here are three  URGENT  requirements with attractive salary packages that you may want to grab  NOW : 1. Salesforce Developer / Technical Lead Experience:  3 to 5 Years Annual CTC:  ₹ 10,00,000 to ₹20,00,000 Number of Position(s):  10 - Chennai, Gurgaon M ust for this position (Prerequisites): 1. As this is an URGENT requirement, you must be serving notice period with your current employer. You should be able to specify your last working day. 2. You must agree to work in a 1-10pm shift. Drop facility will be provided. 3. You'll be working remotely until this
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Will Cristiano Ronaldo Listen To Wayne Rooney Or His Own Instinct?

TRENDING - CRISTIANO RONALDO TRANSFER  One of Ronaldo's Instagram post. Why can't you see Cristiano Ronaldo moving to Manchester City from Juventus? It's because of Good legacy at Manchester United and abundance of personal finance, says CR7's 209-games and six years Man U teammate Wayne Rooney. Rooney, now head at Derby County, was quoted by talkSPORT saying Ronaldo may not want to dash his Manchester United legacy and join rival Man City. Rooney says, unlike few other players, Ronaldo is financially well off to not make this move and more likely to go to Paris Saint Germain. Rooney and Ronaldo together helped Manchester United win 3 Premier League titles and a Champions League trophy between 2003-2009.  Ronaldo scored 118 goals in 292 appearances for Manchester United. The talkSPORT report says 7 players have played for both Manchester sides in the Premier League era. Rooney referred to Peter Schmeichel and Andy Cole as prime examples but insisted Ronaldo is differen

Best Deals from SilverRushStyle, Wig & Kiko Milano. Grab Them Now!

SilverRushStyle As a woman each one of you is unique. Rightly so, the jewelry you wear should also be unique. What makes SilverRushStyle jewelry  exclusive and extremely unique?  The pendants , rings , earrings , necklaces , bracelets , and chains they make are  handmade by the finest artist jewelers from around the world. They are in the  business of manufacturing and trading artisan sterling silver jewelry for decades.  When you buy a piece from them, they believe you own a part of their company.  Bonita Bavetta, who bought from them in August 2021 says, " I find your jewelry to be excellent in price and quality. I get compliments often when wearing your pieces."  Darrell, who too bought in August says, " Great service, super fast ship but more importantly, the quality of the jewelry is simply fantastic. I have been a faithful customer from the very first year Silver Rush opened because of this reason." They have:  Jewelry by Weekday  and  One Week Only! All Jewel

Career: Aurora Public Schools, Verona Area Schools District, Gwinnett County & Children's Mercy Hospital

CAREER - TRENDING UNITED STATES Tirachard Kumtanom from Pexels Aurora Public Schools College And Career Centers SentinelColorado reports that Aurora Public Schools in partnership with the APS Foundation has launched a new college and career center at William Smith High School in Aurora. Brain Sensei - Start Your Free Trial Today! Brain Sensei - 100% PMP Pass Guarantee! This college and career center aims to provide high school students and alternative students from APS Avenues with career and higher education preparedness training. The APS Foundation strengthened its community care initiative when it opened a college and career center at Hinkley High School in the curriculum year 2014-15. These centers are now helping students explore their options after graduating high school and obtaining financial aid for further education. For more details see: and Opportunities at Verona Area Schools District Alexander Suhorucov from Pexels T

American Professionals Split On Freedom Over Getting Vaccinated For Covid-19, Variants on LinkedIn

 UNITED STATES - COVID-19 A LinkedIn News feed Tuesday on the  #FutureOfWork   turned into a debate whether Americans should give up their individual freedom and get vaccinated, mask up.  The latest update on Covid-19 by The USA Today says " Delta-driven surge enters deadlier phase in US – and who's dying is changing; Fauci promotes monoclonal antibodies: Latest COVID-19 updates" This news article reports that " The face of who is dying is also changing quickly. Deaths are increasingly centered among white non-Hispanic people," confirming their analysis of data from the   National Center for Health Statistics . This news article claims that white non-Hispanics who accounted for about 61.1% of all deaths during the pandemic, made up 68.8% of the deaths reported so far in July and August. It also referred to a preliminary tally from the  Center for Disease Control and Prevention showing that deaths among young people are jumping. This tally showed deaths among

Know How! noho Earth-Friendly, Planet-Kind Revolutionary Furniture For You With Best Deal

EARTH-FRIENDLY, PLANET-KIND Do you sit healthier? Not bodily healthier. Or posture healthier. Furniture healthier? Have you looked at and sat in a chair that doesn't cost our Earth? If you feel discomfort at the thought that you are right now sitting in a non-eco-friendly chair, you are not alone. noho, a company b orn in Aotearoa New Zealand, felt this discomfort. So they set out researching, creating earth-friendly, planet-kind furniture, especially chairs that have your back! noho, in New Zealand's indigenous Māori means to sit, stay, dwell, live.  The company says "It embodies a fundamental belief in kinship and connection between humans and the natural world (kaitiakitanga)." Purpose Primary, Profit Secondary Their research led them to partner with eco-innovators Aquafil, whose ECONYL regeneration process turns recovered fishing nets and end-of-use carpets into regenerated nylon. noho then uses this material to create life-enriching furniture, thereby, repurposi

BannerBuzz, 123 Office, TonerBuzz, Everlast & Entertainment Earth Best Deals For You! Limited-Time Offer

Banner Buzz For business in the Commerce, Entertainment and Marketing sectors, your brand has a unique persona. You want to do everything to make your brand visible. BannerBuzz specializes in creating custom signage and top-notch marketing materials. They are running an Expo Convention Special. You can shop up to 25% Off Select Categories and 20% Off Banners, Banner Stands, and Flags with Code: EXPO - Sale.  BannerBuzz Now Offers Custom Packaging Supplies! Shop High-quality packaging boxes with lamination options like Matte or Gloss Today! 123 Office You may be working from home or are back in your office. Or, you may be running your business from home. The best offers on office supplies always help the bottom line. 123 Office says "Summers Almost Over!" but you can still shop 10% Off Sitewide with Code: SUMMERAFF. They have Cleaning Essentials, Food Service, Janitorial & Sanitation, Miscellaneous, and small office supplies. The brands you'll get here in