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UAE businesses upgrading Microsoft Office 365. Have you?

WPP Plc, the British multinational creative advertising, and public relations transformation company is among the early ones to move toward upgrading to a single  Microsoft Office 365 tenant following the merger of its flagship companies Wunderman and J. Walter Thompson that includes their Dubai business.                                                                                                                                                          According to WPP's Chief Information Officer James McLellan, until now each company was using Image by Microsoft Azure the Microsoft Office 365 business productivity apps as per its individual requirement. "Our current plan is to have a single Microsoft 365 tenant with everyone taking advantage of the full set of rich and easy-to-use Microsoft 365 capabilities, including Microsoft Teams, Power BI, OneDrive, and Office 365 ProPlus, which will deliver a continually updated productivity suite. As we continue with

Friday the 13th in Indian tradition: Lucky or Unlucky?

You have p araskevidekatriaphobia if you believe in and consider Friday, 13, 2019 as an unlucky day for you Did you plan to hold a black cat in your arms and walk in the middle of a Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru or any busy road in India to prove Friday the 13th is not unlucky? If no, good. That would've been termed as suicidal. Friday the 13th is also a horror movie franchise. Photo bu Superstition is popularly known in India as Andhashradha. Or, is it...andhaviśvāsaṁ in Malayalam; Mūḍha in Telugu; Mūṭanampikkai in Tamil; Mūst nambike in Kannada; Vahima in Punjabi; Kusanskāra in Bengali; Andhaśrad'dhā in Gujarati? Please feel free to write back if you feel any of these are incorrect. Maharashtra and Karnataka have enacted a law on superstition and Kerala is about to legislate one. However, it is unclear whether our constitution has any such law on this weird belief. Anyway, the law in Maharashtra does not include luck or being unlucky which Friday the 1

Is Indian Economy In a Recession, Growth Recession, Quasi-Recession? Or, what?

By Francis Adams Experts in the United States have sounded the alarm on recession in their country, mainly citing the Trump administration's pesky trade war with China. Few of these experts have also hinted at a recession in the United Kingdom although the  BBC News on Monday reported that the economy grew 0.3% in July, quoting the Office for National Statistics . Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash How do you know a country's economy is in a recession? The BBC says a recession has set in when a country's economy sees contraction for two consecutive quarters. In India, experts see contraction of three quarters in a row as a sign of recession. While few experts have lent chorus to the opposition (especially the Indian National Congress)'s shrill shouts of our country already in the grip of recession, others using various media platform, have offered differing opinions. Bloomberg , the Manhattan-based media company, has maintained an opinion that India has, effe

Hartalika Teej, Goddess Parvati and Ganesh Chaturthi with Bappa

The Ministry of Women and Child Development launched Poshan Maah 2019 to coincide with Hartalika Teej and Ganesh Chaturthi, both epitomizing devotion and love of a husband, wife and their children  At 4.57pm India Standard Time on September 2, 2019, millions of women in India and Nepal Pic by Amazon .in completed their two-day fast-without-water in devotion, love for their husbands -- equal halves in the modern-day world -- and for the continuation of their happy, married life. This devotion celebrated as Hartalika Teej (as Gowri Habba in southern states Karnataka, Tamilnadu,  Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala) and directly inspired by Goddess Parvati, ushers in another biggest occasion, Ganesh Chaturthi. It was, agreeably, the most opportune moment for the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India (@MinistryWCD) to launch Poshan Maah 2019 . This campaign with a tagline 'Sahi Poshan, Desh Roshan' (Correct nutrition, healthy nation) is initially