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26 August, 2019

11 reasons why Pomegranate is back in the spotlight

India Health Trending: Pomegranate, a tropical fruit has been a symbol of fertility in folklore worldwide. A new study has brought this exotic produce back on top of must-have health ingredients

Pomegranate, called Anaar in Hindi from its origin in Northern India, is well-known as a good source of nutrients. It provides you with Vitamin C and has useful fibre if you eat the seeds.
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In a latest development, clinical researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital, the second-largest teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts, on August 21, 2019, published their study that explored whether Pomegranate extract could help in developing brains of newborns when they are in their mother's womb, especially those with intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR).

This study was published in the science journal, PLOS ONE, in which a community of researchers, from Nobel laureates to the early ones, regularly publish their findings.

Although you may want to have the Pomegranate or its extracts in fresh form, fear of contamination such as the effect of wind splashed rain on the fruit may stop you from having it. See: Study from Vikaspedia, a portal developed as part of the India Development Gateway initiative of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India and implemented by Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), Hyderabad.

If you make juice at home or have the whole fruit, ensure you wash the produce thoroughly under running water.

Store-bought juices or their extracts can be nutritious, too. They are pasteurized, processed.

You may choose to buy:

Dabur's Real Fruit Power, Pomegranate, 1L (Pack of 2) :  A vegetarian product, this pack claims to be rich in natural antioxidant nutrients, does not have any added colour or preservatives, and boosts up your immunity levels.

Chtoura Garden Pomegranate Molasses, 500 ML : A vegetarian product, it claims to be 100% natural, goes well with salad dressings because of its sweet and sour taste or in desserts. Also, good for creating cordials and sorbets.

Go Organic Pomegranate Peel Powder, 150 g :  This extract from the fruit's peels claims to prevent the breakdown of collagen (pronounced: kol-uh-juh n), and when applied topically, can promote cell growth. Also helpful in fighting acne, pimple scars. Can also be used in hair masks to remove dandruff and prevent hair loss.

Namdhari's Fresh Pomegranate (1 Kg) : This fresh, whole fruit produce claims to be own grown, hygienically packed, and safe for consumption.

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Apart from the above newly discovered reason on why Pomegranate is in the spotlight, this fruit is beneficial for/as:

1. Antioxidant

The red colour of the Pomegranate seeds come from Polyphenols or micronutrients. These polyphenols are rich in antioxidants that provide several health benefits.

2. Helps Diabetes

According to Israel21c, a Technion-Israel Institute of Technology study discovered that antioxidants found in pomegranate juice may be especially beneficial for diabetes patients. WebMD, a portal that provides health information, tools and support for managing your health, citing this same study quoted the lead researcher, Professor Michael Aviram saying: "In most juices, sugars are present in free - and harmful - forms. In Pomegranate juice, however, the sugars are attached to unique antioxidants, which actually make these sugars protective against atherosclerosis."

People with diabetes are at a higher risk of atherosclerosis, a form of hardening of the arteries.

3. Helps Boost Memory

Hindawi, a United Kingdom-based portal that promotes and publishes open research studies, says that Pomegranate juice helps improve memory and fMRI activity in middle-aged and older adults with mild memory complaints. fMRI stands for Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging or functional MRI. It measures brain activity by detecting changes associated with blood flow.

4. Reduces Blood Pressure 

Pomegranate seed oil, says, Rxlist, may improve triglycerides and “good” (HDL) cholesterol levels. Rxlist is an online medical resource, acquired by WebMD. The Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine (CEBM), part of the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences at the University of Oxford, says that "rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals, and drinking pomegranate juice has been reported to reduce blood pressure."

5. Helpful for Arthritis

San Francisco and New York-based Healthline says that "one of the foods most often recommended for symptom and inflammation reduction is pomegranate. Pomegranate is low in fat, cholesterol, and sodium, and it’s rich in nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants." Other reports have suggested that flavonols in pomegranate juice may help arrest the inflammation that triggers osteoarthritis and cartilage destroying enzyme.

6. Helps Digestion

Having Pomegranate juice is known to help and improve digestion as its friendly constituents reduce any inflammation of your gut. It's ideally suited for those with inflammatory bowel disorders. When mixed with honey and taken, it may also help get rid of giddiness.

7. Anti-ageing and face punch

The Times of India got skin doctors to reveal tips on creating Do It Yourself protection of skin treatment. One of the participants, Dr Saumya Shetty Hegde, suggested making a face pack using Pomegranate paste and a tablespoon of honey. "Apply this paste on your face and neck and wash it off with rose water after 30 minutes," Dr Hegde suggested. According to her, because Pomegranate is a rich source of vitamin C it also has anti-ageing properties. She also recommended applying probiotic curd properly on the face as a pack and wash it off after 5 minutes.

8. Good for controlling Heart Disease

Researchers have found that this fruit and its extracts offer great benefits for your cardiovascular system. It prevents damage to the arterial walls and besides preventing hardening of arteries, thus reducing blood vessel damage.

9. Good for athletes and workout enthusiasts

Studies have shown that Pomegranate is good for athletes and those who workout or exercise regularly. The healthy compounds in the fruit help reduce muscle soreness and speedy recovery from any damage caused by exercise.

10. A friend for your libido and fertility

If you are looking to have increased levels of testosterone and do not want to consider taking any pills, a glass of Pomegranate juice a day will give you encouraging results. The rich oxidants in this fruit may boost male fertility by improving sperm concentration.

Today, you can even buy Pomegranate plants online, including Bonsai ones. See:

Nelesa Gardening Live Pomegranate Fruit Plant

Vamsha Nature Care Live Bonsai Dwarf Pomegranate Afghan variety

All Season Gardens Rare Dwarf Turkey Giant Pomegranate Punica Granatum Fruit Plant - 
1 Healthy Live Plant

Other Pomegranate-based extracts available are:

Pristine Naturals 100% Pure Pomegranate Juice, Guaranteed (500ml x 5)

Chalowkart® Easy Plastic Pomegranate (Anar) Seed Extractor, Cutter with Oranges Juicer

Ryaal Pomegranate Seed Oil for Hair Skin and Nails (15ml)

Finally, if you are a Kaun Banega Crorepati fan as well as a General Knowledge enthusiast, you may want to know how many seeds does a Pomegranate fruit have?

It is said to contain 613 seeds, but there's an allowance for an error of +/- 200! You may want to count them with your loved ones during a lazy weekend.

P V Sindhu is now Persevering Venturous Stalwart

Playing the #WBFChampionship title match on her mom's birthday, additional inputs from Korean coach Kim Ji Hyun, trainer Srikanth's efforts and cutting herself off from using her phone regularly inspired Pusarla Venkata Sindhu, 24, on way to her maiden world crown, India's first

By Francis Adams

Most of you may have read Napolean Hill's bestseller Think and Grow Rich and pondered or debated over the hidden secret the author has hinted at in every chapter of the book. If you still do not have the answer, you'll get a perspective by reading the online debate about this secret on Quora.
  Until last month, P V Sindhu had this worry as the common element with most of us. She lost to Japan's Akane Yamaguchi on July 21 then abruptly decided to withdraw from the Thailand Open (July 30- Aug 4, 2019) in which she was seeded fourth. She had decided to move away from the spotlight, briefly. Just the way you relish behind-the-scenes or video clips on making-of-a-movie, there was closed-door activity happening with Sindhu. See the video shared by the Suchitra Badminton Academy that confirms what actually happened behind the scene. 

It has now been revealed after her brilliant world title victory that Sindhu was focusing on conquering that secret. In her case though it wasn't money. Her BURNING DESIRE was as told to the BWF Championships website: "I felt really bad after the first World Championships final and last year I was angry, I was sad. I went through all my emotions, asking ‘Sindhu, why can’t you get this one match?’'

Gold or a victory in the final, to be on the podium soaking in our country's national anthem had eluded her four times in the past. She won the Bronze in 2013 and 2014, followed by Silver in 2017 and 2018. So she worked on decoding the secret. The moment came at the most memorable moment, her mother's birthday, on August 25, 2019. "This is my answer to the people who have asked me questions over and over. I just wanted to answer with my racquet and with this win -- that's all," she told this website.

The happy, cherished moment.
Pic by Badminton World Federation
Her 21-7, 21-7 crowning glory over another Japanese Nozomi Okuhara in 37 minutes wasn't ruthless or bludgeoning as reported by a large section of the media. The triumph played out at St Jacobshalle arena, Basel, Switzerland, was methodical and won with controlled aggression, aspects she fine-tuned, along with her skills and fitness after pulling out of the Thailand Open.

Three days before the World Championships began on August 19, Sindhu told the Press Trust of India: "I have been working on my defence, physical fitness and also on-court skills. We do have all kinds of strokes but to improve we have to keep training. So I have to do it all the time to make myself perfect."

To achieve this perfection she sacrificed a few liberties she was entitled to. India's largest selling English-language publication The Times Of India quoted her physical trainer Srikanth Verma Madapalli saying: "In the last couple of months, Sindhu stopped using her mobile phone. She even changed her phone number. Whatever we tell her she just does that, no questions asked."

India's first world badminton champion made it a point that her trainer's efforts for her did not go unnoticed. "I want to thank my trainer Srikanth Verma, who helped me stay in good shape. He is working very hard with me for the last two years," Sindhu told TOI.

Pullela Gopichand, the All England Badminton Men's Singles winner, at whose academy Sindhu has been training for more than a decade, is her constant source of support, inspiration and coach. The Sports Authority of India in April 2019 also hired Korean Kim Ji Hyun, women's singles gold medallist in the 1994 Asian Games to add value to Sindhu's quest for gold. Kim represented her country in two Olympics in 1996 and 2000, before retiring in 2001, the year Gopichand became the All England champion.

Bengaluru-based English-language publication Deccan Herald reported that after she withdrew from the Thailand Open, Sindhu had trained extensively with Kim who brought changes to her game. Kim, apparently worked on polishing the wristy shots Sindhu was using, guiding the champion on when to use which shots. Sindhu was trying to put these to perfection in Japan and Indonesia last month.

By winning the world title, Sindhu equalled the legendary Zhang Ning's record of five world championships medals. Off the field, Sindhu has strengthened her association with the Chinese. In February, 2019, the TOI reported that Sindhu has signed up a Rs 50 crore endorsement deal with popular Chinese sports brand Li Ning.

Sindhu also endorses brands including JBL, the company that manufactures and sells audio equipment, such as, headphones, speakers, professional compact powered desktop reference monitors and subwoofer.

Sindhu also has a tie-up with Bridgestone Tyres, Gatorade, pain reliever cream Moov, mobile phone manufacturer Nokia, Stayfree, Panasonic, Boost, APIS Himalaya, Ojasvita and few others.

Earlier this month, Forbes announced that P V Sindhu is the only Indian athlete among its list of world's highest-paid sportwomen. With total earnings of $5.50 million, Sindhu is ranked 13th on the list, headed by Serena Williams.

Despite all the fame, Sindhu remains grounded, a trait most celebrities lack. Her Twitter handle is @Pvsindhu1. This is because she joined Twitter only in 2014 whereas the handle @pvsindhu was already taken by someone from Kolkata.

Any other celebrity would have used the influence of both, money and power to get this as their original handle. Not Sindhu.

This clearly shows that Sindhu, her parents and the Think Tank at Team P V Sindhu are all genial and take happiness only through the champion's exploits on the court. Anyway, the 1 added to her name on her handle suits her. Hashtag #1.


Persevering, because Sindhu kept on believing in herself and persevered until she unlocked the secret to gold.

Venturous, because she chose to venture into the nightmarish territory dominated by the Chinese and Japanese and came out victorious. Goran Ivanisevic, a tennis legend in Croatia refused to take the court during a crucial Davis Cup tie against India in New Delhi in 1995. He was playing against the gutsy Leander Paes, who was down 0-3, but was bouncing back into the game. Ivanisevic couldn't pump himself up seeing Paes' resolute fightback and the crowd support. This, despite his father by his side and encouraging him to get back on the court.

Stalwart, because hers is the most perfect example for parents to share with their kids and encourage them if the kids wish to become sportspersons.

If you too want your child to join the Suchitra Badminton Academy and help your kid follow in Sindhu's footsteps, here's the admission form link: Suchitra Badminton Academy

The academy's address and contact: Suchitra Junction, Qutubullapur (M), RR(Dist), Hyderabad – 67.
Phone: +91-91772 99900 / 91773 99900. Email: Accounts: