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Where Is India's Sixth Bowler To Help Win One Day Series In Australia?

 CRICKET CAPER    India - Australia Series 2020-21 1st ODI Review Was Hardik Pandya adding another crown to his career and entertaining you cricket fans the only purpose? Or did you expect Virat Kohli and his boys to dominate the Aussies from Match One? Did India lose the first One Day International by 66 runs? Or did they lose a practice match? These are few questions die hard fans in India are asking. The Indian team, without  the two Sharmas - Rohit and Ishant -- were seen to have covered almost all drawbacks after they landed in Australia.  The biggest among the complaints -- not enough time to get acclimatized  to the conditions -- was resolved as they were allowed to practice in 14 days quarantine as safeguard against the Covid-19. "We got a bit of lead time, which I think is priceless in today's international schedule," said Virat Kohli in his pre match statement. By saying those words Kohli, getting closer to 12000 ODI runs, effectively sealed any leak the team ma

Which Are The 5 Reasons Why You Should Secure And Protect Your Life's Value With LIC Life Insurance? From Me

INDIA LIFE INSURANCE Do you know this? Search for Life Insurance related information globally has shot up about 100 times since the internet was born. However, research shows that a shocking 75% Indians are not insured even today.  Does this mean you do not value your life? You, I and all of us are proud to be Indians and value our lives. So, the reason for not insuring yourself could be based on questions, such as: 1. Why life insurance is important? 2. Which life insurance is best? Or What life insurance is best? 3. How much life insurance do I need? 4.  Where to buy life insurance? 5. When life insurance is not needed? These 5 are only few questions that you have been searching on the net.  This global search also involves people from advanced countries including the U.S. and UK.  Their search though relates more to comparisons between life insurance companies. I became a life insurance advisor / consultant / agent / assistant with the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC), acci

100 And More Questions About Life Insurance You Searched For, now answered

This is work in progress...This article will be ready by November end. Yes, with answers.👍😊🙏 life insurance life insurance terms life insurance quotes life insurance policy life insurance companies life insurance company life insurance near me Questions whole life insurance vs term HOW how life insurance works how much life insurance do i need how much life insurance do you need how much life insurance do i really need how much life insurance cost how much life insurance can i get how life insurance is calculated how life insurance premium is calculated how many life insurance policies can i have how life insurance companies make money how much life insurance cover do i need how many life insurance company in usa how often does life insurance payout how much life insurance do i need canada how life insurance policy works how many life insurance can a person have how much life insurance company in india how life insurance works in india how much life insurance do i need india how man

Are you looking to have the Digital Life Certificate (DLC) for pensioners 2020 done at Home? Here's how!

The current government, led by our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi have eased the way for pensioners to prove they are alive. No more standing in long queues. Life Certificate for Pensioners last date 2020 is 31st December, 2020 . This is as per the पेंशन और पेंशनभोगी कल्याण विभाग or DEPARTMENT OF PENSION & PENSIONERS' WELFARE. If you have a pensioner or are one and concerned about stepping out during this lockdown to have your annual Life Certificate for Pensioners 2020 done or renewed, don't worry. The central administration, governed by the Bharatiya Janata Party and their leader Narendra Modi have introduced additional options for pensioners to have their Life Certificate updated, using the Digital Life Certificate method. This is among the major Digital India upgrade you have seen in a progressive, democratic India.  Previously, pensioners and their kin assisting them had to patiently wait, even stand for long hours for their turn to come at the counter at the b