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17 November, 2020

Which Are The 5 Reasons Why You Should Secure And Protect Your Life's Value With LIC Life Insurance? From Me


Do you know this?

Search for Life Insurance related information globally has shot up about 100 times since the internet was born.

However, research shows that a shocking 75% Indians are not insured even today. 

Does this mean you do not value your life?

You, I and all of us are proud to be Indians and value our lives.

So, the reason for not insuring yourself could be based on questions, such as:

1. Why life insurance is important?

2. Which life insurance is best? Or What life insurance is best?

3. How much life insurance do I need?

4. Where to buy life insurance?

5. When life insurance is not needed?

These 5 are only few questions that you have been searching on the net. 

This global search also involves people from advanced countries including the U.S. and UK. 

Their search though relates more to comparisons between life insurance companies.

I became a life insurance advisor / consultant / agent / assistant with the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC), accidentally.  

Today, I realize how important it is for me to keep helping more Indians understand everyday on the benefits of insuring their life with LIC.

During this process, I googled for keyword questions people have been looking for. I learned that no question is stupid. 

I am now working on creating this exhaustive article. (Draft is incomplete. This is to show you the questions people are asking) :

See: 100 And More Questions About Life Insurance You Searched For, Now Answered

I had visited a LIC branch office to meet a friend who is an advisor. 

His development officer liked my communication skills in English, Hindi and Marathi and convinced me to take the Life Insurance Advisor's exam conducted by the Insurance Regulatory Development Authority (IRDA).

The exam was in less than two weeks. Nervous deep inside, I faked confidence.

The development officer, perhaps, sensed this fear and helped me with a set of online questions and answers from previous exams that helped me clear the IC38 exam. 

IC is short for Insurance Company and 38 is the latest version like you have web 2.0, 3.0. 

If you opt to take this exam and take up advisory as a source of parallel income and helping others, you'll most likely sit for the exam at the Ltd, J B Nagar, near Chakala Metro, Andheri, Mumbai.

The actual work and realization starts after you clear the exam and take practical experience. 

Discussing life insurance with autorickshaw drivers, shopkeepers, salaried employees, small business owners is an eye opener.

My experience so far matches the research on Indians. 

After you are shocked to learn that 75% of our population live without life insurance, you get a bigger shock.  

A major percentage of the 25% have incomplete insurance. 

This means, their insurance claim amount is able to fulfill only about 8% of their beneficiary's actual need. 

The beneficiary could be any of the loved ones, dear ones - wife, daughter, son, mother, father. In other words, a family member.

I am not sure how Insurance advisors plan to resolve this huge gap. 

Personally, my goal is to help and assist you to know about the benefits of how to secure your future income today, for yourself and your loved ones.

There are only two possibilities of successful payout in Life Insurance: 

1. As a survivor, you receive money, with interest and bonus back from LIC when your policy matures. This compound interest amount could be for your daughter or son's education, their marriage, your retirement or any such future need.

2. Your loved ones get a claim when you are not around. This amount, if you have taken your policy as per your future income or rise in standard of living, helps your loved ones sustain the better standard of living without getting into debts or loans.

Here are 5 strong reasons why you should GET your life insurance NOW, From Me:

1. Informed Decision

You'll receive updated information every step of the way. This helps you remain updated and take decisions about your life insurance with clarity. Obviously, this helps you go to bed happy.

Few of you are still asking: "What happens to LIC when the government sells off or divests 25% stake to private investors?" 

The answer is: Even and when this deal is officially signed, LIC will remain the major stakeholder. This means, the sovereign guarantee of every penny you pay to LIC under the 1938 Act will be intact.

However, you may want to take action and BOOK your policy now. With divestment and new stakeholders coming in, there could be changes although there's no official information on this.

You may ACT NOW by filling up details in this Google form: LIC of India Form No 300

You may also grab this OPPORTUNITY and book your policy by depositing your booking amount by net banking to: 


A/C No. 0600350065003


You can then Whatsapp the booking payment details to 8169534748. You'll receive immediate response and details on the further process.

2. FREE LIC Credit Card To Pay Your Premium 

Not all LIC policyholders are aware of this. 

LIC has a credit card division that offers you an LIC Credit Card as an option to pay your premium. 

It's FREE and I ensure each person I help with an LIC Life Insurance policy has this credit card.

It has several other beautiful benefits such as FREE Accidental Insurance cover up to Rs5 lakh, Reward Points, Fuel Surcharge waiver across all fuel stations in India, Secure with EMV Chip and PIN, Zero lost card Liability Insurance Cover up to 100% of card credit limit, Free Add-on cards for your loved ones, family members.

The increased grace period this card offers is very CRUCIAL.

Few of my clients benefited from it during the lockdown. 

Those who did not have any such facility or option struggled to pay their premium on time. The government was alert to intervene and offer an additional 30 days grace period for premiums due up until April 2020. 

Missing the premium due date invites penalty and a mark down on your prompt payment habit. To avoid such a scenario at all times, this card is extremely handy.

So, even if you are an LIC policyholder, you may contact me on 8169534748 and I'll help you get one.

See more details here:

3. Freedom, Encouragement To Ask Any Question, Anytime

As you can see from the work I have undertaken of finding correct answers to more than 100 questions related to life insurance. 

I am myself curious and I encourage you to ask unlimited questions so that none remains unanswered when you sign up for the policy.

4. Brainstorming on Personal Financial Portfolio

Like a complete fruit salad contains a mix of several fruits, your financial portfolio is incomplete without an LIC Life Insurance policy. 

Stocks, Mutual Fund, Fixed Deposit, Bond are all good. However, they carry the uncertain returns tag. I'll help you choose the appropriate LIC Life Insurance policy that secures your future income today.

5.  Comparative Analysis 

Online policy is cheaper. Yes, you are right. The answer to this is, you'll comparatively have three BIG benefits by getting your LIC life insurance policy through me:

1. You are making a long term investment of minimum 10 years or more. During this period you'll have me as your assistant on a phone call away.

2, During claim, there are few factors that every insurer and their staff check before processing the claim. This is the time I as your LIC advisor / assistant will help in getting your claim settled. 

3. I make this professional habit of offering each person whom I help get an LIC Life Insurance policy with a docket file. This file contains the policy document, a chart with due dates of each premium until the maturity date, my business card with my mobile number and alternate number. 

This helps you keep your valuable policy and related documents safe in your home.

I see it as my duty to ensure I am available on call should you or your beneficiary need my service.

Ready to BOOK your LIC policy with me? 

Pay your booking amount to: 


A/C No. 0600350065003


Still need time to decide and need assistance first? No worry.

Just fill this form: LIC Of India Form No. 300

My Advisor (authentication) Code with LIC is: LIC0267389F.

Living a day without life insurance is as riskier as smoking.

Let's give up both for a Better India.


An advocate from Mumbai and an engineer, from Kanyakumari, meet on a fishing expedition in the Jamaican waters, home of Chris Gayle.

After the initial introduction, the lawyer says: "I am enjoying my vacation here as i received lot of money. My house was destroyed by fire. The insurance company paid for everything."

"Wow, that's a coincidence," screams the engineer. "Even my house was destroyed by flood and the insurance company paid for everything."

The lawyer is now confused and asks: "But how did you start the flood?"

In Life Insurance, it's your life that is more valuable than a house. Insure it NOW, with survival + death benefits. Call me on 8169534748 (Whatsapp)

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