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31 December, 2020

Happy New Year 2021 Wishes For Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Love Are Top Searches

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Many partying to celebrate the New Year despite the Covid-19 pandemic may not be aware how did this celebration begin.

Was it due to the Gregorian, Julian or Roman calendar?

Never mind!

Today's youth, globally, are not pertinently curious or concerned about how the New Year celebrations originated.

It's a surprise that this celebration first began about 4000 years ago in ancient Babylon, in Mesopotamia.

Babylon's ruins are located in present day Iraq.

SEO-powersuite-christmas-sale-2020-65%It was the Roman dictator Julius Caesar and the astronomer named Sosigenes he hired to sort out the calendar that gave birth to January 1 being celebrated as the New Year.

According to History, Sosigenes advised Caesar to "do away with the lunar cycle entirely and follow the solar year."

The solar year was followed and adopted by the Egyptians during that period.

So, with Sosigenes's guidance the year was calculated to be 365 and 1/4 days.

History says: "Caesar added 67 days to 46 B.C., making 45 B.C. begin on January 1, rather than in March."

As per Hindu belief, they follow the Lunar calendar and consider the month of Chaitra (March to April) as the first month of the year.

Irrespective of the history behind it, New Year, moreso owing to its commercial success is celebrated worldwide.

The keywords that topped Google search about New Year are:

Musictoday Superstore - Official Merchandise From Hundreds of Artists1. Romantic new year wishes for boyfriend.
2. Romantic new year wishes for boyfriend -  long distance.

Among the most popular and liked responses to No. 1 and No. 2 found on the internet are:

"I Will Never Be Complete Without Your Love".

"It Is Because Of Your Love That I'm Happy And Healthy, Happy New Year My Dear".

 "I Thank God For Giving Me Such A Handsome Gift."

These three may be preferred as they don't sound cheesy or mushy. Rather, they look genuine expressions of affection to and bonding with someone.

See others here

3. New Year wishes for loved one

Surprisingly, there's no specific search result for these keywords. You may have to go along with this search result

http://www.bellybuttonband.com4. Happy New Year wishes messages for girlfriend

5. How to wish happy New Year to gf

If you are searching for the keywords No 4. and No. 5, you have several options.

However Wishesmsg tops here again with messages such as "My lips desire to kiss you, my eyes desire to see you, my hands desire to touch you, every part of me desires you, perhaps because I was created just for you! Wish YOU a Happy New Year Darling."

If looking for more options, see this

6. Happy New Year wishes for my love

These keywords again do not have a specific search result. However, you may be delighted by the options available on Google Images. See here

Free Hooded Towels or $35 Gift Card!7. New Year wishes for loved one

A loved one could be any member of your family or even a pet. And when it's a baby, the wishes do not seem to end.

Below are the remaining top 20 searches people looked for:

8. Heart touching New Year wishes for friends

9. How to wish happy New Year to someone who is grieving

10.  Happy New Year wishes SMS messages

11. How to wish happy new year in different wayUse code TREBLABLOVE and get 20% OFF TREBLAB Z2 wireless headphones

12. How to say happy new year in Hindi

13. Translate in Hindi

14. Happy New Year 2021 Shayari

15. Google translate English to Hindi

16. New Year wishes for loved one

17. New Year wishes, greetings

18. Happy New Year eve

19. Happy New Year 2021

20. Happy 2021

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