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09 December, 2020

How To Get That Edge In Your Professional Certification Exam in 2021? [Sample Free Tests]

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Make your professional dream come true no matter how niche your field of interest is

Let's get you passed in your Professional Certification Exam. Guaranteed!

You will not copy, cheat and pass. Neither will you burn the proverbial midnight oil studying.

Or fret over how to prepare well as if being asked to throw darts at the target blindfolded.

You'll practice having complete control over your study and pass your exam with a smile instead of a sigh of relief.

Exam Edge is on a mission since 2006 creating a study environment that is the closest to the actual test. 

There's ONE EXCEPTION though. 

"We tell you when you're right and when you're wrong, and most importantly we explain why! Our tests provide you with step-by-step explanations in an easy to understand format. Imagine how much more thorough your notes will be after reviewing your answers," says Exam Edge.

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Research has helped Exam Edge identify that you, I and many professionals study differently. So, they now offer you three ways to take your online practice exam:

1. TIMED TESTS: They are similar to the actual certification exam. 
These tests are designed to make you feel the pressure of completing your exam within the timeframe. 

In other words, Exam Edge's system defaults to the same time limit per question as the actual exam.

If you have been worrying over not having enough time to complete your exam, these timed tests are a great way for you to practice your timing and get rid of such fear.

Exam Edge Home page

2. RUSH-FREE TESTS: These are about allowing you to take your time and think deeper about an answer to a question. 

The sit back and take your test approach is aimed at testing your knowledge and highlight blind spots that you'll be required to polish or fine tune. Taking such practice tests are extremely helpful when you are taking an international certification exam.

3. EXPLANATION MODE: You have the option to use this method as a study guide.
If you are not sure where to even begin with your studying, you may opt for the Explanation Mode.

You are allowed to see the answers as you take the test and take notes. Such a test prep, says Exam Edge, "is an effective way to review the test subject matter before you take the exam in a timed format."

Over the years Exam Edge has expanded their product offerings to include practice exams for a variety of different industries:

Accounting, Business, College Placement, Dental, Financial, Government, Healthcare, High School, International, Medical Laboratory, Nursing, Optometry, Pharmacy Technician, Radiology, Service Industry, Teaching, Veterinary, Canadian, Nutrition, Fitness.

Here are 8 BIG BENEFITS on why you should sign up with Exam Edge NOW:

1. 100% Passing Guaranteed:  Not a money back or financial guarantee, but the ability of the tests to help you pass your certification exam.

2. Access to Tests 24/7:  You get to study at your convenience, meaning practice your tests anywhere, anytime and from any device.

3. Unlimited Access: You get unlimited access to your test reviews, without any recurring charge. So you get all that you need to pass your exam at one low cost.

4. Save on Cost: You get a 5-test bundle of practice exams that costs less than your actual certification exam. 

5. Actual Exam Environment: You take your practice tests in a manner as if taking the actual certification exam. This focused and timed practice prepares you mentally for the big test.

6. Acquaintance With The Big Picture: You are provided with material and format that you'll encounter during your actual certification exam. This method of taking tests helps you familiarize with the actual exam that measures you not only for what you know but also how well you perform under pressure.

7. Certificate of Completion: This is not officially a recognized document, however, it helps demonstrate your accomplishment among your peers, potential employer, friends; and your confidence.

8. BBB Accredited: Taking your tests from a Better Business Bureau accredited platform is among the best suggestion you'll receive even from your trusted and loved ones.

So, if you are looking to tackle those curveballs coming at you during your actual certification exam, practice with Exam Edge. Go for it!

Exam Edge Home page


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