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13 December, 2020

The Top 10 "How To..." You And Fellow Indians Searched For In 2020?


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The term "How To" is described by as "a set of step-by-step instructions for accomplishing a certain task or reaching a certain objective."

How-Tos continue to be among the most trending online searches worldwide.

Adobe Many GEOs The first How-To was perhaps recognized in written form in the year 1569. The most popular one that earned global attention was How to Win Friends and Influence People, written by Dale Carnegie in 1936.

You, your loved ones, your friends and millions of Indians who read, write and speak English were not sitting idle during the lockdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to Google Trends, you were looking for creative, constructive expression and not How To Laze Around as Indians are wrongly accused or stereotyped for. 

Here are the top 10 "How Tos" you searched for in 2020:

1 How to make paneer?

Many of you may have increased chef Kunal Kapur's YouTube Channel subscriber's list by following his video on How To Make Paneer At Home.  Kapur, who has 3.13 million subscribers hasn't updated his paneer making video of 17, July 2018. 

This may also be the reason he has competition from homemakers, especially women. A Google search for How to Make paneer? reveals many among you have been following Cook With Manali and Swathi's Recipes at These women seem to have outshone more established cooking experts such as Tarla Dalal who continues to be ranked among the top searches.

Then there are Hebbar's Kitchen, Healthy Nibbles And Bits, Dassana's Veg recipes Of India and My Food Story who have shared their guidance on how to make peynir as it was originally called when it arrived from Persian culture. 

These How To tips in text and video are not paid Google searches. They are organic, meaning, you have followed them for their quality instructions and made them popular.

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2 How to increase immunity?

Google search contains about 12,50,00,000 results on this question. The suggestions may obviously have shot up after the Covid-19 began spreading rapidly and "immunity" was among the most commonly discussed word throughout India.

Leading the search results is an advertisement from Udacity [CPS] WWProtinex titled "For strong immunity support - 30-Day Free Diet Plan". However, the next one is a no-nonsense, non-commercial advisory from Harvard Edu How to boost your immune system - Harvard Health. This article is exhaustive but good as it includes what can you do, healthy ways to follow, age, diet, herbs and supplements, stress, exercise.

You have specific food-based tips from Healthline's 15 Foods That Boost The Immune System and 9 Tips To Strengthen Your Immunity Naturally Few of you may have checked All In A Health's Six Ways To Boost Your Immune System Naturally.

Narayan Health received wide recognition among searches for their Boost Your Immunity Against The Coronavirus - Covid-19 write-up. 

Lot of these advises on immunity revolved around food like Medical News Today's 15 foods to boost the immune system  and's 10 FOODS TO BOOST YOUR IMMUNITY .

WebMD chose to focus on changes you need to make with Improve Your Immunity With Diet And Lifestyle Changes, Cleveland Clinic's advice was to Strengthen Your Immune System With 4 Simple Strategies while Pharmeasy too made the Google search page 1 with their How To Increase Immunity Naturally, in Just 7 Steps

Other searches include:

3 How to make Dalgona coffee?


4 How to link PAN card with Aadhaar card?


5 How to make sanitizer at home?


6 How to recharge fastag?


7 How to prevent coronavirus?


8 How to apply e-pass?


9 How to make jalebi?


10 How to make cake at home?

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