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12 November, 2020

Are you looking to have the Digital Life Certificate (DLC) for pensioners 2020 done at Home? Here's how!

The current government, led by our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi have eased the way for pensioners to prove they are alive. No more standing in long queues.

Life Certificate for Pensioners last date 2020 is 31st December, 2020. This is as per the पेंशन और पेंशनभोगी कल्याण विभाग or DEPARTMENT OF PENSION & PENSIONERS' WELFARE.

If you have a pensioner or are one and concerned about stepping out during this lockdown to have your annual Life Certificate for Pensioners 2020 done or renewed, don't worry.

The central administration, governed by the Bharatiya Janata Party and their leader Narendra Modi have introduced additional options for pensioners to have their Life Certificate updated, using the Digital Life Certificate method.

This is among the major Digital India upgrade you have seen in a progressive, democratic India. 

Previously, pensioners and their kin assisting them had to patiently wait, even stand for long hours for their turn to come at the counter at the bank. By the time they approach the counter, they are exhausted. This was playing havoc on their well being as well emotion.

Today, the administration, has approved fingerprint scanning devices that can be purchased online from Flipkart. I bought the Mantra MFS100 from Flipkart.

Flipkart delivered the product safely, promptly, and with a huge discount. The Mantra MFS100 is among few biometric devices tested to work on Umang.

You may opt to buy your product from Amazon, depending upon your experience.

Once you have this device, here's what I did for my pensioner father and you too may want to: 

Step 1. Download the Umang App on the phone with the mobile number that is registered with bank pension account and the government. Your smartphone must support USB OTG (On-The-Go). (I downloaded the App quickly as my dad's smartphone is Samsung OnNxt, also bought on Flipkart.

Umang, for the unversed, is the shorter version for Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance (Umang). In Hindi, this term or word means happiness.

This App is easily available on Google Playstore for FREE download. 

Step 2.  In Umang's search box, enter the keywords "Life Certificate". From the options, click on General Life Certificate. Then, read the Jeevan Pramaan Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  you see. Here's a PDF copy for your reference. Also important is the Jeevan Pramaan User Manual. Read these documents carefully as they help you understand the process better.

Step 3:  From Google Playstore, download the Mantra RD Service App. This App is extremely important as you need to have the device you purchased verified and authenticated by the manufacturer and the competent authority. 

The other devices that have been tested on Umang and approved are: Morpho MSO, Secugen Hamster Pro 20, Precision PB 510, Startek FM220U, TatvikTMF20.

You may choose any of the tested device from Flipkart. However, after you've done so, ensure that you download the appropriate RD Service App from Google Playstore that is meant or related to the device you bought online.

RD Service is a term coined by the Umang and government authorities, including the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) and National e-Governance Division (NeGD). It reads as Registered Device Service.

Step 4: This is an Aadhaar-based service. So, use Step 4 to keep ready details such as the pensioner's Aadhaar number, bank Pension account number, PPO Number, Type of Pension, Sanctioning Authority, Distributing Agency, Disbursing Agency full name, email address.

Step 5: If you have ordered the MantraMFS100, check for the instruction manual of two tiny pages inside the product box. At the back of the manual you'll see the instructions. Download this link , then click on the Download option from the menu on their home page.

Follow the video tutorials: A. Mantra MFS100 Drivers Installation B. Mantra MFS100 RD Registration Process

These two tutorials and the downloads they advice are crucial as they help the manufacturer discover your device and register it in their data base. They then provide your device a serial number.

Step 6.  After you have cleared Step 5 successfully, connect your biometric or fingerprint scanning device  to your smartphone via the OTG. Run a fingerprint capture test using the RD Service App. You may want to capture test until the result is showing 90 and above. This means the fingerprint captured is clearer.

Step 7.  Click on Umang App, followed by Jeevan Pramaan. This will display the Pensioner Authentication pop up page. Here you fill in the required information such as the pensioner's full name, PPO number and so on as listed in Step 4.  Click on the green icon that says "Scan Finger".

Step 8: The Pensioner's Digital Life Certificate is now generated and you are assigned a 10 digit Pramaan ID. After sometime, you'll also receive an SMS confirming you have successfully created your DLC or Digital Life Certificate. 

Step 9:  Share or submit this Pramaan ID with the pension disbursing agency or the bank. Remember Pramaan means proof. So, this Step 9 is not to be missed. 

Step 10: Pat yourself on your back, relax and enjoy your achievement. By sitting at home you have managed to avoid the long queue at the bank, maintained social distancing, side stepped the risk of Covid-19, and done all this while relishing good, healthy home food.

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