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22 January, 2021

Australia Day, Google's Threat To Leave And Godzilla Vs Kong

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison copped flak on Friday for his comment on Australia Day. 

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He also had to deal with Google's response to the government's News Media Bargaining Code that said: "The principle of unrestricted linking between websites is fundamental to Search. Coupled with the unmanageable financial and operational risk if this version of the Code were to become law it would give us no real choice but to stop making Google Search available in Australia."

Morrison reacted equally strongly. According to Reuters, Morrison said the country makes its rules for “things you can do in Australia,” adding: "People who want to work with that in Australia, you’re very welcome. But we don’t respond to threats."

Google has been asked to negotiate paying digital publishers in Australia for links, snippets and headlines of content it uses from them for its users. Google has called this ask untenable.

Meanwhile, the prime minister speaking about Australia Day said: "It's all about acknowledging how far we've come. When those 12 ships turned up in Sydney, all those years ago, it wasn't a particularly flash day for the people on those vessels either."

His "it wasn't a particularly flash day" statement drew criticism and was seen and insensitive to the First Nations or first people or the indigenous inhabitants, who were over 500 different clan groups or 'nations' around the continent.

Former prime minister, Kevin Rudd, was among those who strongly objected to Morrison's comment.

Godzilla Vs Kong Trailer Release On Sunday

SEO-powersuite-christmas-sale-2020-75%Legendary Pictures has finally confirmed that the long awaited first full trailer of its latest MonsterVerse Godzilla Vs Kong will be out on Sunday.

The movie will release in theaters and on HBO Max on March 26. 

Cnet reported that parent Warner Bros will set off 2021 of its big movies on 29 Jan with The Little Things.

The year-long list includes: Feb 12: Judas And The Black Messiah; Feb 26: Tom & Jerry; March 26: Godzilla vs. Kong; April 16: Mortal Kombat; June 4: The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It; June 18: In The Heights; July 16: Space Jam: A New Legacy; Aug. 6: The Suicide Squad; Sept. 24: The Many Saints Of Newark; Oct 1: Dune; Nov 19: King Richard; Dec 22: Matrix 4.Building Someone Amazing!

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