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3 Ways India Can Uproot Worries, Bounce Back To Win Chennai Test



The root cause of India's misery for two days - England captain Joe Root, is ready to bat India out of this opening of 4 Tests at Chepauk.

His 218 masterclass in his 100th Test eclipsed several records. 

He's now egging on the last Two England wickets to increase India's worries by taking the team from 555 for 8 to beyond 600, their original goal.

It may sound funny in the face of this mammoth total for you to nurse any hopes of India turning the tide and winning this Test.

However, considering India dismiss the last two English wickets within 600, irrespective of taking the third new ball or not, there's a possibility Kohli and his men could bounce back and defeat England.

Here are three ways India can achieve yet another unexpected, unbelievable victory, provided all 11 from the team display the Character, Intent, Attitude they showed in Brisbane, re-enact a similar situation four years ago at this same venue, and implement sound strategies successfully from Day 3 to Day 5:

1. Replay 2016 and Karun Nair's role: This current team has an encouraging blend of Young India along with experienced warriors.

They also have a top batting order that's a healthy mix of attack and defense.

If these top six collectively display that same positive psychological approach from Brisbane, a victory in Chennai could be a certainty.

The one ideally suited to fulfil Karun Nair's 2016 triple hundred feat is either Shubman Gill or Rohit Sharma. Both have the appetite for playing a big innings and at a fast clip.

The other four, Virat Kohli, Cheteshwar Pujara, Ajinkya Rahane and Rishabh Pant complete India's batting response that can live up to any challenge.

Kohli, Pujara, Ravichandran Ashwin and Ishant Sharma were part of that 2016 Chepauk win. These four could inspire the remaining seven members the way Ishant did on Saturday with the wickets of Jos Butler and Jofra Archer. 

If the 2016 team scored 759 for 7 and declared, this team have it in them to embrace the challenge of scoring 800. They also have Ashwin who scored a solid 67 in that innings.

2. Believe England are batting 4th on a deteriorating pitch: If a third string India could dominate Australia at home few days ago, this Kohli-led team could do better at home.

India have the firepower to score 800, then put England into bat again and dismiss them for a low score. Team India bowlers need to believe that it's England who are batting last on a deteriorating pitch.

The Brisbane win, Pant and Gill will testify, is still seen as a miracle. Another, similar one in Chennai is a possibility.

 3. Stand up and be alert for the final sessions: Considering Team India score 800 in their first innings and put England in to bat again, they'll need to field like they are playing a World Cup final. 

India's batting legend Sunil Gavaskar recalled how Ian Botham would stand further up at second slip to end up taking 120 catches in his 102 Test career.

India have seen a lot of catches drop in the first innings. Owing to the flat, placid Chennai pitch, with the ball is dying by the time it reaches the fielder.

India's close-in fielders will have to stand up compared to their usual positions when England bat again. This'll help them convert half chances into wickets and progress to that miraculous victory.

Wikipedia says, Impossible is Nothing may refer to:

  1. A commercial slogan by sports apparel manufacturer Adidas
  2. Impossible Is Nothing (video résumé), an inadvertently humorous video by internet phenomenon Aleksey Vayner
  3. "Impossible Is Nothing" (Iggy Azalea song)
  4. "Impossible Is Nothing" (Tonic Breed song)

Could Kohli and his men win in Chennai and make it an additional reference point?


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