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10 June, 2021

Best, Guaranteed Way To Pass Your PMP & CAPM Exam A Click Away!

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Where would you get a refund + pass guaranteed, risk-free, up-to-date course material to ace your PMP & CAPM exam, whenever you choose to take it?

That's correct.

You may be among those professionals who have found learning material for the Project Management Professional exam difficult or boring.

Earn A Better Salary

And you'd still want to have a certification displayed on your c.v. so that you can get that 20% or more raise as a credentialed PMP.

If that's you, don't worry.

You now have the power of story-based eLearning to ace your PMP and CAPM exams.

Why story-based? Because we humans are hardwired for stories. We've been telling stories from the time we started communicating and this is a proven method that helps us learn.

Brain Sensei, the brain behind these simple and innovative PMP and CAPM courses, says "We've built the storytelling advantage into our fun, interactive and EFFECTIVE online courses."

The founders at Brain Sensei "created an eLearning adventure set in Feudal Japan, where their female Samurai is on an epic mission to become PMP or CAPM certified."

Dr. John A Estrella and Chris Stafford, co-founders of Brain Sensei, are certified project managers and entrepreneurs.

When they went for their certification, they realized that all online PMP and CAPM exam prep courses were designed toward the serious corporate professional who has "leather bound books and lives in a rich mahogany smelling apartment."

That wasn't all. The material provided looked like a PowerPoint Deck. Getting your online certification shouldn't be this painful and boring, they reasoned.

So they collaborated on creating fun and easy as possible exam prep material that all aspiring project managers love. "Our exam prep material mimics real projects so that you learn real-life concepts that will serve your career," says Brain Sensei.

100% PMP Pass Guarantee!

They say you've found your Sensei when you are offered a 100% pass guarantee, money-back guarantee, and great reviews. A 100% risk-free investment!

Project managers at world-leading companies including Apple, Microsoft, Disney, Uber, and many more have taken Brain Sensei's courses and earned their certification.

"I'm very satisfied with the Brain Sensei PMP Exam Preparation Course. All 8 Modules are very well structured and detailed. I believe that practice exams included in the course helped me a lot with the preparation for my PMP Exam. I appreciate Brain Sensei for their amazing course and for the awesome service. They responded to all my requests immediately. Thanks. Highly recommended," says Helen Borimsky in her testimonial.

Lusine Nazaryan says: "Great course! They break down all concepts in a very clear and interactive way, that doesn't put you to sleep. Would recommend to anyone who is looking to pass the PMP exam with flying colors."

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