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29 July, 2021

Best Limited-Time Deal Offers On Your Favorite Video Games! Dive In

Netflix is getting into the video gaming business.  

You know this makes perfect business sense as the global video games market is set to go beyond $200 billion by 2023. 

Japan is recognized as the hub of video games since the gaming industry's golden age.

 Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels
Tokyo offered an additional boost by playing video games theme-based music during the opening ceremony of the ongoing 2020 Olympic Games.

Gamers are also enjoying Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 - The Official Video Game.

Playing video games makes your body release the pleasure feeling neurotransmitter, dopamine.

Where are you in taking care of adds (enemy enforcements) during boss encounters?

Here are offers for you to get into the act.

GamersGate, the world's largest online store for PC and Mac games (4500+ games), is offering discounts on a range of games.

They are giving out extra discounts in several regions where games cost more, such as North America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, and most of Western Europe.

They have deals on:

Days Gone (until Aug 6th, midnight UTC)

Underrated? Yes. 

This 2019 action-adventure survival horror game has all the ingredients that make a masterpiece.

An open-world action game, Days Gone is set in the Pacific northwest desert wilderness, two years after a global pandemic has destroyed the world.

The adventure, story, graphics, and sound in this epic will make it difficult for you to put down the controller. Buy here

Focus (Save up to 55% until Aug 2nd, midnight UTC):

Focus Home Interactive's GreedFall Gold Edition has arrived with the new expansion. 

When you join this new world RPG experience, you get enhanced visuals up to UHD native 4k, fast loading, improved performance on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. This Gold Edition also includes the base game and new expansion: The De Vespe Conspiracy.

Hood Outlaws & Legends

When you enjoy a challenge in a game, the reward is the xp more than the won. Hood Outlaws & Legends offers you this. Ready to reach the max hero level? Join now, here 

Insurgency Sandstorm

Tactics and Teamwork are the tools you'll need as you engage in realistic modern firefights in this FPS-based game.

A sequel to the 2014 video game Insurgency, Insurgency Sandstorm will pump up your blood as you step into close combat. Let your dopamine flow! Buy now, here

THQ Nordic (Save up to 80% until Aug 2nd, midnight UTC)

Aquanox Deep Descent 

Ignore the delayed-release, get ready to explore the world of aqua, and survive the underwater hell. When you succeed, you qualify as an Aquanaut! Buy here


This critically acclaimed multiplayer is ready to wreck. Equipped with enhanced visuals including dirt on vehicles, better textures, and 4K resolution at a smooth 60 frames per second. 

This multiplayer now features 24 players for even more intense carnage on the race tracks.

You'll love the faster loading times, DualSense haptic effects, Godrays, increased amount of foliage, and new visuals effects for skidmarks.

Yes. Owners of last-gen consoles (PS4) can upgrade.

Adaptive triggers support? Segmentnext, quoting the developer says, Yes, the adaptive triggers will enable fine-grained throttle and brake application.

For experienced drivers, this is THE tool to become even faster on the track. Get it here

SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated

Hey Kids! Your cult classic has returned - rehydrated.

You can now visit multiple Bikini Bottom locations and make a splash.

This rehydrated version gives you high-end visuals with polished gameplay for up to two.

The remake also has modern resolutions and band new horde mode multiplayer, online and splitscreen. Buy here

Indies W30 (Save up to 80% until July 29th, midnight UTC)

Chivalry 2 (Save 10%) - Get into the medieval war mode and experience the unique qualities of Archer, Knight, Footman, Vamguard.

SGS Afrika Korps - Conquer the most valuable prize - the Suez Canal - by playing the Axis forces. You may also command the 8th Army soldiers, the Desert Rats, and repel the invaders. Buy here

Scorpion: Disfigured

Blocks! Richard III

The Signal From Tölva

Explore the first-person combat in a hand-crafted, hand-painted sci-fi world.

You get to fight a war of territory control against a ferocious AI, recruit allied robots to battle alongside you, trigger electronic countermeasures, plasma shields, and savage beam weapons for intense skirmishing.

Ready to delve into science fiction mystery and investigate the haunting highlands of the Tölva universe? Buy here

1C Online (Save up to 90% until Aug 2nd, midnight UTC)

Secret Government


Fell Seal Arbiter's Mark

Ancestors Legacy

Stygian Reign of The Old Ones

Assetto Corsa franchise (Save up to 80% until Aug 2nd, midnight UTC). Buy here

Daedalic (Save up to 90% until Aug 2nd, midnight UTC)

Iratus Lord of The Dead

Witch iT!



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Dark Souls III (Save up to 75% until Aug 2nd, midnight UTC)

Gearbox (Save up to 90% until Aug 1st, midnight UTC)

Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition

Risk of Rain 2

We Happy Few

Homeworld Remastered collection

20th Anniversary Duke Nukem World 3D Tour

Konami - Americas only (Save up to 90% until Aug 2nd, midnight UTC)

Metal Gear Solid V - Ground Zeroes - The Phantom Pain

Castlevania Anniversary Collection

Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist

Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection

eFootball PES 2021 Season Update

26 July, 2021

Future Of Video Gaming & Inclusion Of Gamers In Olympics Brighten

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The video gaming industry and gamers worldwide went into a tizzy during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. 

Athletes from 205 countries marched to hit themes from various top video game series in Tokyo last Friday.

This triggered the gaming industry and fans to take to social media platforms and express their ecstasy, astonishment, and joy.

Olympics involves athletes competing in traditional sports.

So stakeholders have been debating whether to integrate competitive video gaming or any of its components in the Olympics.

After all, video gaming is everything to do with the virtual world.

Video gamers have their own biggest championship - the Intel World Open involving battle for a share of a $500,000 prize pool.

However, this approach may likely change.

The Olympics is yearning for more millennial, Gen Z fans.

The inclusion of skateboard and surfing that attracts a younger audience is an example.

Japan, hosting the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, is the reigning producer of role-playing video game series and music.

By playing video game music at the opening ceremony, this Asian nation could have set the tone for the International Olympic Committee to include video gaming in the Olympics.

The future of video games is undergoing a remarkable shift worldwide. There are a plethora of FREE games where you accumulate digital assets that increase in value over time.

An increased number of tech companies are vying to dip into the video game industry.

Netflix, Peloton, Zoom, and Amazon have reportedly included video gaming in their business plans.

Why not?

The global video games market, according to USA Today, was estimated at $177.8 billion in 2020.

It is expected to go beyond $200 billion by 2023.

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Green Man Gaming says Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector "is a fast-paced turn-based strategy game set in the grimdark universe of the 41st Millennium. Pick your force, develop your army, field mighty heroes, and fight for victory using superior strategy, awesome abilities, and devastating weaponry."

GamersGate, the world's largest online store for PC and Mac games, (4500+ games), too has several Summer offers.

They have renewed offers and deals on GTA V (Save up to 50% - until July 29th, midnight UTC), Funcom games (Save up to 60% - until July 26th, midnight UTC), Frontier Developments (Save up to 80% - until July 27th, midnight UTC), Skybound (Save up to 75% - until July 23th, midnight UTC) [The Walking Dead franchise], 11bit Studios (Save up to 80% - until July 26th, midnight UTC), Team 17 (Save up to 85% - until July 28th, midnight UTC), Curve Digital (Save up to 90% - until July 26th, midnight UTC), Indies W29–1 (Save up to 90% - until July 23th, midnight UTC).

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17 July, 2021

New Restrictions In NSW As Aussies Brave Harsh Lockdown To Contain Delta Variant, Third Wave


New NSW restrictions:  NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has announced a slew of new restrictions in a bid to stymie the further spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Among the measures is a complete halt on construction work, small or large until July 30. 

Also, employees cannot be compelled by their bosses to report to work. Their bosses risk a huge penalty if found violating the restriction rule.

Victoria's five-day snap lockdown is getting even tougher as the community recorded 19 new Covid-19 cases on Saturday.

The state's exposure sites for the virus rose to 165 as health authorities initiated a "going early and going hard" lockdown approach to identify and stall the spread of the virus.

There's growing concern over people getting infected by fleeting transmission.

Victoria's Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton has said that the highly transmissible Delta Variant of the Covid-19 virus is causing the third wave globally.

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An report says "About 10,000 people have been identified as primary close contacts in this latest outbreak.

The current outbreak was seeded in New South Wales when a family became ill after returning from Sydney and after a team of removalists traveled to Victoria and South Australia while infectious."

The reports that most residents of Ariele Apartments in north-west Melbourne's Maribyrnong, that is at the center of the city's Delta outbreak have got used to living in their tracksuits and pajamas, ordering UberEats, and face-timing family. Australia Homepage

Ariele Apartments was forced into a 14-day lockdown and listed as a Tier 1 exposure site after the Victorian government learned that a group of Covid-19 infected removalists from Sydney visited the Apartments on July 8.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced a $600 relief payment from the Federal Government for  Victorians hit hard by the pandemic and the lockdown.

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The's report says two AFL players in Queensland, from Essendon and North Melbourne, have been forced into isolation after watching the Wallabies match in-person at the AAMI Stadium that's now declared a Tier 1 exposure site.

Sunday's game between Essendon and North Melbourne, however, is likely to go ahead.

The Herald also reported images of vandalized testing centers (Covid test clinic sign written in red and with a white background overwritten by a graffiti with the word "HOAX"), roped off and taped park benches in Summer Hill that also captured a lone resident defiantly occupying a bench, cops patrolling the Coogee Beach.

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The Herald also published a rundown of the 19 new Victorian cases:
Residents of Fairfield, Canterbury-Bankstown, and Liverpool local government areas too have been restricted from leaving their region, barring emergency services and situations.

Meantime, lockdown fatigue is triggering another war of words.
Victorians, who are in their fifth lockdown are feeling a sense of outrage and neglected as pariahs of the nation.

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This has resulted in Victorian Premier Dan Andrews castigating Prime Minister Scott Morrison as "the Prime Minister for NSW." broke down the NSW 65 new cases into - 28 infectious in the community, 73 in hospital, 19 in ICU. 

Promote & earn moneyThe report said Westmead and Liverpool hospitals are exposed, there are concerns over Sydney's South West and two mystery cases in EMU plains, a total of 929 cases in this outbreak.

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The Victorian lockdown rules include no home visitors, no public gatherings, schools to remain closed, mask mandatory indoors.

ABC News Australia posted the above video saying "As Victorians enter the second day of their lockdown, the Sikh Volunteers Australia will be bringing a smile to the faces of some people in isolation as they deliver fresh meals to those in need."

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16 July, 2021

Singapore Achieves A Milestone In Clean Energy And Decarbonization


The Sembcorp Tengeh Floating Solar Farm at the Tengeh Reservoir. Pic courtesy: Lee Hsien Loong

Amid the negativity involving the KTV Lounge Covid-19 controversy, Singapore unveiled a huge positive - a mega floating solar farm.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, who had cheered and wished the #OneTeamSG on their Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics quest a day ago, launched the 60 megawatt-peak (MWp) solar photovoltaic (PV) farm that marks 14 July 2021 as a milestone in the city-state’s #SGGreenPlan. 

Christened the Sembcorp Tengeh Floating Solar Farm at the Tengeh Reservoir, this floating solar farm - the size of 45 football fields - is among the world’s world’s largest inland floating solar PV systems.

Land-scarce, resource-scarce Singapore needed this. Singaporeans water demand is projected to double by 2060.

This required PUB, Singapore's National Water Agency to plan and install 122,000 solar panels across 45 hectares at the reservoir.
This installation promises to reduce the amount of energy used in their water treatment processes by replacing it with renewable energy.

PUB’s LinkedIn post said: “The electricity ⚡ generated from the Tengeh solar farm will be sufficient to power Singapore’s five local water treatment plants at Bedok, Chestnut, Choa Chu Kang, Lower Seletar, and Woodleigh Waterworks, offsetting about 7% of PUB’s annual energy needs and reducing PUB’s carbon footprint.”

In his LinkedIn and Facebook post, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said: “This has been 10 years in the making, as we explored ways to harness the power of the sun for clean energy here.

“If you’re wondering how the farm affects the surrounding environment, studies have shown it has no significant impact on water quality nor wildlife. I was told a resident otter family has even set up its home there!”

The Prime Minister himself clicked pictures and posted them on Facebook with the caption “(photo by me)”.

Singaporean citizens were similarly delighted by this major development. Linda Cheong, APAC Region Area Manager at Salva Industrial S.L.U. commented on her PM’s LinkedIn post: “I’m waiting for a reduced electricity bill.”

Jasmani Buang, a Senior Director added: "Water bill too! 🙏"
Robson Lee, Partner at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP commented: Singapore is fortunate that our 1st G [generation] political leaders had secured our water supply as the most important resource when we became a sovereign country in 1965.

"Over the years, we have become more self-sufficient and better equipped to maintain, generate, and re-cycle our water resources to ensure that we will never be held hostage by any hostile forces who have any intention to cut off our water supplies.

"Kudos to our government for harnessing sunlight to generate clean energy to boost our water treatment plants to achieve a fully green waterworks system. This will further ensconce and enhance our capabilities to continually generate and augment our water supplies."

A research study published by ScienceDirect on 1 May 2021 says floating solar photovoltaics could help reduce the surface temperature of the water in the reservoir, thus mitigating climate change impact.

The study was carried out collaboratively by Lancaster University and the University of Stirling, United Kingdom. Giles Exley, Associate Lecturer of Energy and Environment, Lancaster University, spearheaded the study along with Alona Armstrong, Trevor Page, and Ian D. Jones.

In an extensively researched article on the World Economic Forum website, Exley cited an International Energy Agency (IEA) report stating “the idea [floating solar PV farms] has potential, but questions remain about the impact on wildlife and the broader ecosystems.”

While in-depth studies continue on the impact on wildlife and broader ecosystems, one fact is confirmed: The idea and installation of floating solar PV farms on water reservoirs are irreversible.

The benefits far outweigh the concerns. 

The biggest benefits are:

1. Solar power is the cheapest source of electricity in human history.

2. Floating solar PV farms help a nation free up land space to grow food or provide space for wildlife.

3. Studies have shown floating solar PV farms generate more electricity compared with rooftop or on-ground solar installations. The cooling effect of the water beneath the floating solar panels helps generate electricity at a higher percentage.

4. Climate change has increased the surface temperatures of lakes globally by an average of 0.34°C per decade since 1985. This has caused lowering water levels in freshwater lakes and reducing the depths of oxygen. Floating solar PV farms are currently the ideal alternative to address this issue.

5. Floating solar PV farms are the only biggest answer to the decarbonization of the world’s energy supplies.

The World Economic Forum's Fostering Effective Energy Transition benchmark’s 115 countries working toward moving to clean energy. 

12 July, 2021

How To Enjoy Cost-Saving Air Travel With Hotel And Parking Deals This Summer?


Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay

The travel bug has kicked in again!

It had to, after the devastation the global pandemic caused since early 2020.

Governments are lifting lockdowns and the ban on international travel as we ease out of the pandemic.

So, you may now be air traveling to your favorite destination, bucket list destination, or looking to experience new places.
There are a few exceptions and caveats though.

The U.S. government's latest COVID-19 Travel Guidance for U.S. Citizens says "Negative COVID-19 test required for all air passengers coming to the United States."

The European Union has officially recommended that all its member nations open their borders for American tourists.
The Schengen Area countries are now open to receive U.S. travelers.

The United Kingdom too has green signaled American tourists with a similar ask. All American visitors must quarantine for 10 days and also show proof of a negative Covid-19 test.

The U.S. administration has however stalled the entry of Europeans to the United States.

The Biden administration, the New York Times says, relies on science and advice from medical experts on whether to open its borders to overseas travelers.

So, what do you do in the meantime?

You may choose Caribbean travel. Travel Weekly says the Renaissance Curacao Resort & Casino, located within the Dutch Caribbean city of Willemstad is offering attractive perks and discounts to families with kids up to the age of 12 as part of their summer program.

The Crane Resort in Barbados has even launched an on-site Covid-19 test lab.

Business travel is likely to resume by this year-end. Or, going by United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby's view, demand for business travel is 60% now.

The UK, meantime, has relaxed its policy for specific business travelers. Forbes says that executives who support 500 or more jobs in the UK can enter the kingdom quarantine-free.

Minneapolis, Minnesota-headquartered CWT, a Business-to-Business-for-Employees (B2B4E) travel management platform was quoted by Skift saying "a recovery in the global travel industry was underway and it was ready to serve customers throughout the rebound and beyond."

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