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New Restrictions In NSW As Aussies Brave Harsh Lockdown To Contain Delta Variant, Third Wave


New NSW restrictions:  NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has announced a slew of new restrictions in a bid to stymie the further spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Among the measures is a complete halt on construction work, small or large until July 30. 

Also, employees cannot be compelled by their bosses to report to work. Their bosses risk a huge penalty if found violating the restriction rule.

Victoria's five-day snap lockdown is getting even tougher as the community recorded 19 new Covid-19 cases on Saturday.

The state's exposure sites for the virus rose to 165 as health authorities initiated a "going early and going hard" lockdown approach to identify and stall the spread of the virus.

There's growing concern over people getting infected by fleeting transmission.

Victoria's Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton has said that the highly transmissible Delta Variant of the Covid-19 virus is causing the third wave globally.

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An report says "About 10,000 people have been identified as primary close contacts in this latest outbreak.

The current outbreak was seeded in New South Wales when a family became ill after returning from Sydney and after a team of removalists traveled to Victoria and South Australia while infectious."

The reports that most residents of Ariele Apartments in north-west Melbourne's Maribyrnong, that is at the center of the city's Delta outbreak have got used to living in their tracksuits and pajamas, ordering UberEats, and face-timing family. Australia Homepage

Ariele Apartments was forced into a 14-day lockdown and listed as a Tier 1 exposure site after the Victorian government learned that a group of Covid-19 infected removalists from Sydney visited the Apartments on July 8.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced a $600 relief payment from the Federal Government for  Victorians hit hard by the pandemic and the lockdown.

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The's report says two AFL players in Queensland, from Essendon and North Melbourne, have been forced into isolation after watching the Wallabies match in-person at the AAMI Stadium that's now declared a Tier 1 exposure site.

Sunday's game between Essendon and North Melbourne, however, is likely to go ahead.

The Herald also reported images of vandalized testing centers (Covid test clinic sign written in red and with a white background overwritten by a graffiti with the word "HOAX"), roped off and taped park benches in Summer Hill that also captured a lone resident defiantly occupying a bench, cops patrolling the Coogee Beach.

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The Herald also published a rundown of the 19 new Victorian cases:
Residents of Fairfield, Canterbury-Bankstown, and Liverpool local government areas too have been restricted from leaving their region, barring emergency services and situations.

Meantime, lockdown fatigue is triggering another war of words.
Victorians, who are in their fifth lockdown are feeling a sense of outrage and neglected as pariahs of the nation.

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This has resulted in Victorian Premier Dan Andrews castigating Prime Minister Scott Morrison as "the Prime Minister for NSW." broke down the NSW 65 new cases into - 28 infectious in the community, 73 in hospital, 19 in ICU. 

Promote & earn moneyThe report said Westmead and Liverpool hospitals are exposed, there are concerns over Sydney's South West and two mystery cases in EMU plains, a total of 929 cases in this outbreak.

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The Victorian lockdown rules include no home visitors, no public gatherings, schools to remain closed, mask mandatory indoors.

ABC News Australia posted the above video saying "As Victorians enter the second day of their lockdown, the Sikh Volunteers Australia will be bringing a smile to the faces of some people in isolation as they deliver fresh meals to those in need."

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