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25 January, 2021

What Insights Will The Bloomberg C-Suite 'The Year Ahead Summit 2021' On Jan 26 Reveal?


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Page displaying the speakers at the Bloomberg The Year Ahead Summit

The global corporate world is eager to tune into Bloomberg's The Year Ahead Summit 2021 that has now gone virtual.

The biggest positive sign is, the summit is on. The next important question is: What solutions will more than 40 global C-Suite speakers have to offer to political leaders worldwide, their counterparts and the workforce?

Consult doctor onlineDiscussions during the summit, from January 26 to 29, will focus on important trends, challenges and opportunities facing executives in 2021 and beyond. 

You may ask what different could these chief executives do other than ride out the time the way you are doing at this moment; wait for most of us to receive vaccination and help speed up the staggering economic process. 

You may want to attend the virtual summit to get your perspective. I've registered for the summit. 

Check it out here: 

Bloomberg Live suggests the summit is a platform for you to get educated and inspired through groundbreaking discussions as well as acquire fact-based intelligence that'll help in your profession. There's 13 plus hours of elite content to gain from.

The event starts with Bloomberg Live's Deputy Global Editor Mallika Kapur in discussion with Erna Solberg, Norway's prime minister.

Solberg had, at the beginning of this year, imposed fresh restrictions on Norwegians to avert further spread of the Covid-19.

The restrictions include: 1. A nationwide ban on serving alcohol in restaurants and bars. 2. Citizens to put their social lives, such as inviting guests home, on hold.

Reuters quoted Solberg exhorting fellow Norwegians: “I ask you not to have any visitors at home. Wait a fortnight before inviting anyone home or visiting others.

It'd be interesting to see the solution Solberg provides during this summit for global leaders and people to follow. She has tweeted her congratulatory wishes to United States President-elect Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris as well as confirmed Norway's support on working cohesively for a quicker solution to ending the Pandemic and in the future.

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Other discussions to follow are Haslinda Amin, Anchor at Bloomberg in conversation with Piyush Gupta, CEO & Director, DBS Group and Erik Schatzker, Editor-at-Large, Bloomberg in conversation with David McCormick, CEO, Bridgewater.

A few notable discussions to watch out for are: John Micklethwait, Editor-in-Chief, Bloomberg in discussion with Albert Bourla, DVM, Ph.D., Chairman & CEO, Pfizer on January 26.

This conversation assumes special importance because Pfizer together with BioNTech, developed the first vaccine that received emergency authorization in the U.S. and other countries. Micklethwait is likely to share insights into the ability to get these Covid-19 vaccines into the arms of billions of people.

Travel Smarter- T- EN2Another important discussion is slated for January 27 between Caroline Hyde, Anchor, Bloomberg Televisione and Ed Bastian, CEO, Delta Air Lines. 

Bastian who sends out his customary "Letter from Ed" to loyal Delta Air Lines customers on New Year's day, sent his 2021 letter to his employees instead.

Here's his memo titled Ed Bastian Memo : Delta 2021
In his note, Bastian has broken down 2021 into two segments. The first he said "will look a lot like 2020, with travel demand deeply depressed and our focus on ensuring the health and safety of our people and customers." 

The second phase he explained: "...will begin only when we reach a turning point with widely available vaccinations that spur a significant return to travel, particularly business travel. We continue to expect that we will achieve positive cash flow by the spring."

According to Travel Pulse, the uncertainty of the virus meant Delta could not lay out its traditional Flight Plan. 

Instead, Delta opted to list principles that'll guide the airline through the months ahead.

Summit attendees will be keen to hear Bastian's response on the latest travel related order issued by President Biden.

On his second day in office, Biden signed an executive order requiring international travelers entering the U.S. to have a negative Covid-19 test and also self-quarantine themselves upon arrival.

The previous protocol was issued only as an unenforced guidance.SEO-powersuite-christmas-sale-2020-75%