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24 August, 2021

Know How! noho Earth-Friendly, Planet-Kind Revolutionary Furniture For You With Best Deal



Do you sit healthier?

Not bodily healthier. Or posture healthier.

Furniture healthier?

Have you looked at and sat in a chair that doesn't cost our Earth?

If you feel discomfort at the thought that you are right now sitting in a non-eco-friendly chair, you are not alone.

noho, a company born in Aotearoa New Zealand, felt this discomfort.

So they set out researching, creating earth-friendly, planet-kind furniture, especially chairs that have your back!

noho, in New Zealand's indigenous Māori means to sit, stay, dwell, live. 

The company says "It embodies a fundamental belief in kinship and connection between humans and the natural world (kaitiakitanga)."

Purpose Primary, Profit Secondary

Their research led them to partner with eco-innovators Aquafil, whose ECONYL regeneration process turns recovered fishing nets and end-of-use carpets into regenerated nylon.

noho then uses this material to create life-enriching furniture, thereby, repurposing discarded waste and using sustainable energy.

For design, they aligned with their sister company Formway.

The creative minds at Formway focused on diligent research, user empathy, design expertise, science-based insights, and engineering innovation to come up with designs that help clean up our oceans, protect our environment and enrich our homes, our well-being, and our everyday lives

Where does noho stand in quality?

Their chairs are flexible, versatile and dynamic.

Their revolutionary design ensures correct posture and healthy ergonomic comfort, supporting your modern living, from dining to relaxing, to working from home. 

They are built and tested to commercial furniture standards (BIFMA) of quality, durability, and longevity so they can stand the test of time

More about noho

They call themselves a Public Benefit Corporation that practices the belief that business success and sustainability go hand-in-hand. 

Referring to the “triple-bottom-line business", noho and their partners are committed to their purpose of creating furniture that’s fundamentally better for people and for our planet as they are to their financial well-being. 

In other words, this means doing things in a more mindful and considered way, so that everyone— their employees, YOU - their customers, and our precious planet—can benefit and thrive.
They are an accredited B Corp (pending).

To earn this B Corp certification, companies must meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency—measures noho practices every day.

They have adopted a direct-to-consumer business model, helping eliminate plastic shrink-wrap from their freight and logistics chain.

All their packaging materials are 100% recyclable, such as plain cardboard, tissue paper, compostable, corn-starch bags, and environmental printing inks.

With a less is more approach to packing and protecting products, noho's approach continues to reduce carbon footprint, extend product lifecycles, and increase end-of-life product recycling.

Their debut product - the transformational noho move™ chair is their best seller. They are made from up-cycled plastic waste.

Buy noho move in pairs and save $100!

You'll admit, there may be a handful of businesses like noho that have such deep respect for Earth's well-being.

And yet, noho says "We’re not perfect, but we're doing our best to help turn the tide toward a healthier planet and future for everyone."

This is because in time they plan for all their products to be infinitely recyclable.