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26 September, 2022

Women's Fashion Clothes For All Types & 4 Marketing Tips On Creating A Strong Brand


Is There A Platform For All Types Of Women Fashion Clothes? 

As women of 2022 and beyond, most of you continue to ask: what are the dream clothing, dresses, and accessories for all types of women?

Fairyseason WW

Is there a platform that offers a whole catalog of products including clothing, shoes, accessories, and more at competitive prices (half the price at modern-day stores)? 

Fairyseason provides a huge selection of apparel for women of all ages and body types.

Your search may have led you to Nordstrom Rack, Pacsun, Zara Canada, or Dillards.

But you may still be looking out for dresses that look and feel like the Little Women KDrama (2022 TV Series).

Or, you may simply be wanting to wear whatever, be whatever.

Check out Fairyseason for high-quality, unique-design, and low-price options for all types of women: wives, students, mothers, juniors, small, tall, and curvy.

You'll get cool, chic, bold, casual, sexy and a never-limited design choice, along with guides to glow you up. Buy Now

DHgate's Four Ways To Creating A Strong Brand For Your  Business

DHgate says there are four ways you can create a strong brand identity for your small business in an overcrowded online marketplace.

Is there a brand identity design or mission statement? 

Does this involve corporate communication that Coca-Cola or Starbucks - Coffeehouse may have used?

DHgate says to do branding the right way: 

DHgate WW

1. Get to Know Your Customers: Understanding who your customers are and their behavior patterns will help you create a brand that's the most effective in your market.

So getting insights on your product or service's target, whether they are Gen Z and Millennials, or men and women is key.

2. Check Out Your Competition: Analyzing your competitor's marketing and branding strategies help you design a better plan for your small business.

This research allows you to create a cost-effective, thorough brand reach out that resonates with the audience, captivating and engaging them with your business.

3. Getting Creative: Getting your business logo, color palettes, content, photography, and graphics created is the third crucial step.

Staying within your budget and not overspending on creatives is also imperative.

For this, you can seek out professional freelance services on an online marketplace such as Fiverr.

You'll likely find the best graphic designers, social media marketers, and talented writers offering competitive prices on Fiverr.

4. Creating a story: Storytelling is eternal for humans. What kind of story you want to tell through your brand that's uplifting and inspiring is the 4th and final step in creating a strong brand identity.

When your brand's story has a message with a resolution on how it can solve consumer problems, your business will stand out in a saturated market.

DHgate has 2.4 million sellers globally, 46 million enterprises and individual buyers from over 223 countries, and has 37 million product listings. Its partners include Americam Express, DHL, FedEx, MasterCard, Visa, UPS.

DHgate's Founder, Chairperson & CEO Diane Wang was recently chosen among the World's Top 100 Innovation Leaders of 2022 - World Biz Magazine Awards. Join DHgate here.

20 September, 2022

How 60,000 Businesses Achieved A Conversion Rate Of Up To 68%

B2B FOCUS - Interactive Marketing Trend - Quiz

Traditional online marketing has become predictable. 

It's barely cutting it for consumers whose buying behaviors, preferences, and values have changed. They are seeking content that's more interactive. 

So throwing advertisements and static content their way is producing little results. 

Today's consumers want brands to connect with them at a human level. 

Photo by Pixabay

Josh Haynam, CEO, and Matthew Clark, CTO, the co-founders of Interact, a San Francisco, California-based company say that "most marketing misses the mark when it comes to making people feel seen and understood. As an online business owner you hardly ever get to have a direct conversation with your clients or customers."

The duo saw this as a big, gaping hole at the heart of online marketing that could empower digital entrepreneurs, creators, and brands to grow their businesses.

They wanted to "recreate that old school feeling of walking up to a storefront and having an actual conversation with the person running the business."

Interact’s quiz builder was born in 2014.

In a crowded content world, quizzes cut through all the noise and accelerate the conversion rate for your business, across all industries.

For instance, Henry's House Of Coffee reached a 68% conversion rate with a product recommendation quiz. 

Their takeaway: "Quizzes create an automated customer journey that personally recommends products to each customer based on their needs and tastes. Once you put in the initial work in setting up your quiz, it will run entirely on autopilot."

With 9 million quizzes completed at an 80% quiz completion rate, Interact assists clients generate 42,000 leads daily.

So what's the best fun and interactive quiz for your business?

Yours could be a service provider or software business, non-profit, education, e-commerce, coaching, or online courses.

The fact is, figuring out how to generate quality leads who want to invest in your offers can leave you mashing your brain cells.

Interact is now inviting you to join the Quiz Mastermind by Interact, from October 11-13, 2022.

What's in it for you?

You will get 5 experts over 3 days to help you build your quiz, launch it effectively, and grow your email list to boost your income!

This is your moment to create high-converting lead generation quizzes, grow your audience, and expand your business.

They have software that's easy to learn and an ever-expanding template list to set you up for success.

The standout of their service is their ability to segment your quiz respondents through your connected email service provider.

Join Interact here.

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17 September, 2022

How To Start A New Business And Become An Entrepreneur In Canada

Smart Business  - Entrepreneurship, Canada

You are looking to start a business in any province in Canada and succeed.

You have complete clarity about your business concept and plan but have little knowledge about the government and legal process required to set up your business.

You also want to save on the considerable upfront cost of hiring a lawyer and accountant to help launch your business.

Photo by Scott Webb @pexels

Incorporation is a significant step and can be daunting if you don't have a simpler solution. 

There's also a plethora of advice floating around, making things more complex.

You wish you were able to register, incorporate federally or provincially, automate legal work, and fulfill other requirements within a few days if not minutes.

You can now launch your new business in minutes for less, with Ownr.

Starting in 2017, Ownr has helped over 80,000 new and existing businesses using its simple, convenient, and affordable solution.

Toronto-based Ownr helps you make an informed decision on which business structure is right for you - Incorporation or Sole Proprietorship.

You may want to start with a sole proprietorship and upgrade to incorporation in the future.

Or you may want to incorporate, separating your personal and business obligations.

Making this distinction is critical. 

Ownr says according to an Industry Canada study, only half of all small businesses survive beyond five years of launching.

Here, Ownr guides you with appropriate information such as "If you incorporate and your company goes south, your personal assets will remain protected and untouched. If you do not incorporate and operate your business as a sole proprietorship or a partnership, you will remain personally responsible for the debts of the business – which can put your personal property (like your home, car, and computers) all at risk."

You are also updated on specific instances where directors can remain personally liable for a business’s debts if certain preconditions are not met.

Shadi McIsaac, the CEO and co-founder of Ownr believes entrepreneurs and small business owners are economic change agents both, at the micro and macro levels as they create a product or service that brings value to the market.

Daughter of immigrant parents, Shadi says she has been witness to struggles faced by entrepreneurs. 

So she set out to build "a platform that allows Canadians, with aspirations big and small, the opportunity to realize their life goals through new business creation."

Shadi knows that as an aspiring entrepreneur you mean business and getting started doesn't need to be complicated.

She says when you scale up your new business to the macro level "the collective output has a significant impact on private sector employment, Canada’s GDP, and the overall economy."

As CEO, her responsibility is to ensure Ownr continues to be THE platform that grows with your business.

She was recognized by Bay Street Bull among a list of Canada's most impressive female leaders as the 2021 Woman of the Year.

She was also named among the 50 emerging leaders reinventing how Canada does business by The Globe and Mail.

Ownr is owned by RBC Ventures Inc., a subsidiary of Royal Bank of Canada.

To join Ownr, click here.

Note: This article was originally published on LinkedIn by this author: 

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How U.S. Small Biz Owners Can Avoid HR Compliance Risk At $99 A Month

B2B Focus

The cost of wrongful termination of an employee for a small business in the United States could result in hefty fines, expensive lawsuits, and even potential loss of business.

Yet, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce most small businesses don’t always have a human resource staff or department.

A dedicated full-time HR department is often not cost-effective for these small businesses, especially during and after the pandemic. 

Photo by Sora Shimazaki @pexels

So how do they operate?

Most small businesses either have owners or employees wearing multiple hats, including the role of HR. 

This is despite the scope of HR compliance and functions being vast.

Aside from focusing on growing their business, owners and their chosen untrained-in-HR employees have to navigate labor regulations, form HR policies, and tackle employee management, including concerns before they escalate into complaints and end up in court as wrongful termination.

Small business owners also have to spend considerable time on wage compliance, on federal, state, and local taxes.

This routine is more challenging, leaving the owners not having enough time for themselves or avoiding any slip-ups. It's a considerable risk.

Could small business owners then put their HR on autopilot and outsource the process to experts?

Allan Jones, Founder & CEO of Bambee, the first outsourced human resource compliance solution for small businesses came up with the best plan while spending time on the Venice beach with an engineer. 

"There are 5.6 million small businesses in America. They populate about 50% of the American workforce. And less than 4% of these companies have an HR Manager," Allan said during an interview recently with Nasdaq.

Bambee, Allan says, aims to solve most of the problems small businesses face, starting with the critical ones, at $99 a month!

This makes Bambee the most affordable payroll solution for small businesses.

How does Bambee offer its services at such an affordable price?

Allan says Bambee "only services companies that have less than 99 employees. Their need for the HR manager's services and time is not as demanding as a Fortune 500 company."

Today, Bambee has 10,000 subscribers and growing.

Allan and Bambee's performances have earned them the Goldman Sachs 100 Entrepreneurs of 2021, and the Forbes 2020, 2021 & 2022 Best Startup Employers in America.

As for the name Bambee, Allan says the word is reminiscent of the 1942 animated drama film Bambi and can be used as alliteration.

The Bee in it, the CEO says, reflects the way honey bees are - a perfectly harmonious workforce.

Bambee is focusing on adding this harmony found innately in the bees, to America's small businesses. If you are a small business owner, you can join Bambee here.

Note: This article was originally published on LinkedIn by this author: How U.S. Small Biz Owners Can Avoid HR Compliance Risk At $99 A Month

As per LinkedIn's viewer demographics, as on September 12, 2022 this article (newsletter) was read by: Business Owner 11%, Founder 2%, Advertising Specialist  2%, Project Manager 2%, CEO/Executive Director 2%, Business Analyst 2%, Business/Corporate Strategist 2%, Technology Manager 2%, Others 73%.

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14 September, 2022

Briefly: File-based Optimization For Your Phone, No-Fee Tickets, Women's Guardian, Login With Facebook Threat

Briefly - Smartphone Enhancement, No-Fees Event Tickets, Women's Safety Kit, Why 'Login With Facebook' is dying

How to make your good phone a great phone?

A cross-functional team of R&D, ecosystem engineers, and technical marketing from Western Digital and Xiaomi collaborated recently to co-develop File-Based Optimization (FBO) that makes your good phone a great phone.

FBO here should not be misconstrued with the FBO car, which is Full Bolt-On. This refers to car modification done with components and other parts that are bolted onto your car.

The purpose of FBO in smartphones is to optimize storage performance, especially in phones used for gaming, streaming, sharing photos and videos.

Sustained high performance over the life of your phone, even the premium one, reduces their performance and triggers lagging.

A Statista study shows on average a mobile phone is replaced 2.75 years after purchase, not because "it has reached the end of its life, but because its performance (and battery life) degrades to the point that the device lags."

This results in fragmentation causing inefficiency in the way data is stored. In flash technology, fragmentation likely occurs during the data update process, while data is being rewritten.

The Western Digital team says "when this happens, data is spread out (randomly) in different available locations on the storage device. This in turn leads to slower performance because the device must perform multiple reads when it is time to gather data from the various physical locations."

Western Digital and Xiaomi have addressed this and implemented it in the newly launched Xiaomi 12S Ultra phones. 

Western Digital says if you have an iPhone and need more space, you may opt for the SanDisk iXpand™ Flash Drive Flip - the easy way to free up memory.

You can buy Western Digital products here: Weekly Sale, Student Education Discount

We store the data, you bring the vibes, is Western Digital's shoutout to you!

How to get your guaranteed concert, festival, sporting event, and theater tickets with no fees

You may be looking forward to watching the NFL - Kansas City Chiefs vs. Los Angeles Chargers on September 15 at the Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, Missouri. 

Then there are six games on September 18: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. New England Patriots at Acrisure Stadium, New York Giants vs. Carolina Panthers at the Metlife Stadium, Detroit Lions vs. Washington Commanders at Ford Field, Baltimore Ravens vs Miami Dolphins at M&T Bank Stadium, Cleveland Browns vs New York Jets at FirstEnergy Stadium, and San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks at SoFi Stadium Lots.

You can grab your tickets to watch your favorite team as you get to Save on Sporting Events with No Fees at MEGAseats.

Are you a Mom Jeans fan? 

Not the women's jeans. You can buy that here.

When you love great music, you know Mom Jeans are going to deliver it with a magnificent concert performance. They'll be performing on September 15 at the Gramercy Theatre in New York.

Safer Women, Safer World. Point A to Point B And More

Guardian TND says a study by the CDC, FBI and GAO found that "the costliest type of crime to taxpayers is NOT Murder, Arson, or Computer Fraud. It is Rape at a cost of $3.9 trillion."

So Guardian TND set about creating a safety device and critical alert system that "notifies your chosen friends, family, neighbors and/or co-workers if you're in a bad situation or emergency."

It offers you, especially if you are a woman, enhanced safety and peace of mind when going from Point A to Point B in your daily life.

All of us, irrespective of gender, think about our personal safety. 

However, more women compared to men are concerned about their personal safety during their daily routine.

It has a smart, trendy, and sturdy keychain fob along with stickers to be placed in your safe place like inside your car or inside your front door.

When leaving Point A, you indicate your location by tapping your phone to the smart keychain. When you arrive at Point B, tap Point B chip (sticker) or enter your private PIN code in the Guardian TND phone app.

If an emergency occurs between Point A and Point B, your "Guardians" (friends, family, neighbors and co-workers that you choose) are proactively alerted of your location and can take steps to help you.

Once you have Guardian TND in your hand, you can download their free app from the Apple App Store if you have an iPhone and Google Play Store if using an Android phone, to start operating it.

Whether you are walking your dog, biking home from work, living on your own, or going to the supermarket or yoga class, Guardian TND will serve your purpose by providing you with assurance that you are safe.

Guardian TND says just about everyone on this planet thinks about their own safety and of their loved ones. Men have wives, daughters, sisters and girlfriends that would benefit from using Guardian TND.

Let's make the world safer from Point A to B. Guardian TND Safety Kit.

How Not To Use Facebook Login Elsewhere Anymore

IP Vanish says if you've been using Facebook login as an easy sign-in option on other apps and services, it's time to change that.

Facebook, IP Vanish says, has been targeted by hackers and data breaches, leading to trust issues by users.

As a result, the number of Facebook as a login option has gone down to 36% today from 65% in 2016 of the top sites in North America.

Fewer people are agreeing to use their social media accounts as logins to other apps and services.

In this aspect, Facebook is not even considered a safe place to share your private information as it has been hacked multiple times, triggering many instances of data harvesting.

The fact remains that the 'Log in with Facebook' button is appearing less and less across the web.

Previously, the social network's sign-in platform was easy and free to implement, prompting developers to integrate a Facebook login button into their sites instead of building one from scratch.

Facebook's login tool wasn't meant to be used by other websites and apps for making account management easier. Its original purpose was to collect data and get people on Facebook.

Because it offered you an easy way to remember one password and use Facebook login for multiple apps, and services without having to enter fresh sign-up information, it was a boon for publishers, developers and advertisers.

They got apps access to all of your friends' activity on Facebook through third-party sites.

This way, publishers had more data about what their readers were doing online and could push content accordingly.

Developers had access to a free built-in login tool and a gate to monetize.

Advertisers received information every time you logged into an app or service using your Facebook login, knowing exactly who you are and what you liked so that they can capitalize on it.

Finally, many people have realized how much of their data they've been giving away.

Comparatively, a sign with Google's Gmail is considered more secure.

IP Vanish says access to apps like Spotify and Tinder using your Facebook credentials is likely to become less reliable as they may stop supporting this method.

Twitter's official policy does not allow storing user passwords or email addresses on company servers. Snapchat lets you log in with just your phone number.

You may want to change the settings on apps and services and become independent of your Facebook login. You can do this by changing your email address and password. Next, remove the app access from your Facebook account.

Here's how IP Vanish says you can manually delete app permissions from Facebook:

1. Log in to your Facebook account 2. Click your profile icon on the upper right 3. Select 'Settings & privacy' 4. Continue to 'Privacy Checkup' to use their checkup tool 5. Choose 'Your data settings on Facebook' 6. Here you'll be guided through the apps and services you've signed in to using your Facebook login and offered the chance to remove them. 7. Confirm adjustments to your data settings.

You're all set.

You can buy IP Vanish NetProtect here.

13 September, 2022

All About All Saints' Day You Want To Know, Are Searching For Online

All Saints' Day

All Saints' Day is observed on November 1 annually (Western Christianity), Sunday after Pentecost (Eastern Christianity) marked by Church services, praying for the dead, and visiting cemeteries.

This day, Christians follow the rite, ritual, or solemnity devoted in honor of all saints of the church, known or unknown.

It's also recognized as All Hallows' Day, the Feast of All Saints, the Feast of All Hallows, the Solemnity of All Saints, and Hallowmas. 
Photo by Sarazh Ismailov @pexels

Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox Christians firmly believe that saints possess special powers to help people when prayed to.

So, they pray to the saints by lighting candles and attending Church prayers, followed by cleaning and placing flowers on the graves of their departed loved ones and those that do not have any representation.

When and how did All Saints' Day originate?

The feast you celebrate today was established by Pope Boniface IV in May 609, who dedicated the Pantheon in Rome to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

What typical food is eaten on All Saints' Day?

Although specialties for the feast differ as per the region, the most popular treats, according to Spanish site don Quijote, include the bueñuelos de viento (wind fritters), huesos de santo (saint's bones), and panellets (a Catalan pastry). 

"These dough fritters are filled with custard, chocolate, cream, or whatever your heart desires," says don Quijote.

According to Diforti, popular dishes during the feast include "ceci con le costine, a comforting Piedmontese soup with chickpeas and pork ribs, and pane dei morti, ‘the bread of the dead’, a sweet bread-cookie hybrid made with crumbled biscuits, flour, eggs and sugar, packed with cinnamon, chocolate and raisins for extra flavour."

Is All Saints Day celebrated only by Catholics?

No. This feast is observed by the Roman Catholic Church and several Protestant churches, including the Lutheran, Anglican, and Methodist.

Are All Saints' Day and Halloween the same?

No. Most Americans, the Henry Ford College says, celebrate Halloween on October 31, while few celebrate All Saint's Eve or All Hallow's Eve. 

The Catholics and Anglican Christians follow All Saints' Day on November 1, followed by All Souls' Day, or Día de los Muertos in Mexican tradition.

Which of the Saints are celebrated on All Saints Day?

Time and Date, which publishes important events in history, says All Saints' Day is a "celebration of all Christian saints, particularly those who have no special feast days of their own, in many Roman Catholic, Anglican and Protestant churches."

Is All Saints' Day Pagan (a term for people who practiced polytheism or ethnic religions other than Judaism.)?

DayTranslations says All Saints' Day did not evolve from paganism as is the popular belief.

However, "some parts of pagan practices were included by other cultures, while others naturally became part of the All Saints and All Souls' celebrations."

All Saints' Day Decorations

All Saints' Day Book
All Saints' Day Costumes
All Saints' Day Craft
All Saints' Day Decor
Buy here

All Saints Day Food

All Saints' Day Party
All Saints' Day For Kids
All Saints' Day Candy
All Saints' Day Shirt

All Saints' Day Garden Flag
All Saints' Day for Men
All Saints' hotel
All Saints' dvd
Google is showing a significant rise in All Saints' Day search results.

The worldwide top searches on Google Search in the past 7 days have been from France, Guadaloupe, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Bolivia.

And the top related queries include: 1. 31 octubre feriado 2 stroiki na cmentarz 3 wiązanki na wszystkich świętych 4 stroik na wszystkich świętych 5 grabbepflanzung allerheiligen.

Top searches on related topics: 1 Allegro - Website 2 Grave candle 3 Icon 4 Cemetery 5 Composition - Visual arts.

What did the All Saints' Day search results for the same period show for the United States?

Related queries: 1 french labor day 2 halloween in spanish 3 semana santa 4 michaelmas 5 itchy o hallowmas 

Related topics: 1 Storming of the Bastille - Event 2 Canada Day - Holiday 3 January - Month 4 Chrysanthemum - Plant 5 Saint Valentine - Saint

Most searches from regions: Alaska, Vermont, Louisiana, North Dakota, West Virginia

And for the United Kingdom?

Related queries: 1 samhain 2 dia de todos los santos 3 wszystkich świętych

Related topics: 1 Immaculate Conception 2 Parish - Church jurisdiction division 3 Samhain - Festivity 4 Poles - Ethnic group 5 Cemetery 

Most searches from regions: Northern Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland

How about Australia?

Related query: all hallows day

Related topics: 1. Festival, 2. Party, 3. Halloween - celebration 4. Day 5. Prayer

Most searches from regions: 1 Australian Capital Territory 2 Northern Territory 3 Western Australia

4 South Australia 5 Queensland.


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Related topics: 1 Nievenheim 2. Lightning strike 3 New Year 4 Eichsfeld - District 5 Norf

Most searches from regions: 1 Rhineland-Palatinate 2 Baden-Württemberg 3 Bavaria 4 Saarland 5 North Rhine-Westphalia.


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12 September, 2022

How to Bee And Never Not To Bee

FOCUS: Product, Company, CEO, Impact, Message 

Photo by Pixabay

Pure Earth Botanics is currently highlighting how bees are important for our survival. 

Bees, Pure Earth says, pollinate 35% of the world's food crops. Globally we have 80 to 100 million bees or 60,000 to 100,000 per colony which isn't a great number. 

The European CommissionPure Earth says, has estimated that “pollinators, including honey bees, bumblebees, and wild bees, contribute at least EUR22 billion each year to the European agriculture industry. They ensure pollination for over 80% of crops and wild plants in Europe." 

In the U.S, Whiteville celebrated the North Carolina Honey Festival on September 10, a drive to signify the existence of bees in the environment, celebrate honey and honey products, and encourage bee-friendly practices. 

Pure Earth says it sources honey from Under the Mango tree, the Pan Himalayan Grassroots Development Foundation, and Bhimashankar in Pune, India - all following ethical practices and ensuring bees are not harmed. 

Honey, as you know, has antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties that clean out toxins and nourishes our skin. It's seen as a skin food humectant (preserving moisture) that softens, refines, and clears blemishes. 

Honey also provides proteins, fats, minerals, and enzymes that help heal infections and promote cell regeneration. 

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations is now exhorting you to Bee engaged. 

You can take the FAO's What's The Buzz About Bees? quiz here and earn a Bee Medal! 

Kavita Khosa, Founder and Creative Director launched Pure Earth Botanics in 2014 after stints as a Solicitor with White & Case LLP and as Director with DWS Group

Kavita is passionate about soil and Earth, working with marginalized groups of women, parity of income, and gender inequities. 

Pure Earth Botanics, Kavita says, has engaged with blockchain tech to confirm the traceability of every product journey and with Provenance, a London-based think tank, to verify every single Pure Earth claim as a clean, ethical, sustainable, and fair-trade beauty brand. 

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Note: This article was originally published on LinkedIn by this author: How To Bee And Never Not To Bee

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