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08 September, 2022

Best Back To School Offers For Your Kids Or Donate, Gift To A Cause

Back To School - Off To College

Here's a hand-picked list of the best #backtoschool deals for your school and college-going kids, including Free LinkedIn Premium.

Before you check below the amazing Back to School offers from Amazon for your kids, let's look at a few inspirational developments.

Most of the students are back to school in Uvalde, Texas 15 weeks after 19 students and two teachers
Pic by Olia Danilevich @pexels

lost their lives in a mindless carnage.

The inspirational part is: Residents of Uvalde have stepped out to help children return to school with donations of backpacks, and assist with the mental and physical health of children and their parents.

Elsewhere, Jennifer Openshaw, CEO of Girls With Impact, shared a LinkedIn post on how the team at GWI "were honored to graduate over 200 Johnson and Johnson sponsored students from all over the country."

GWI's focus is to create the first generation of women who will lead from the top. Their goal is to equip 1 Million Future Female CEOs.

In Europe, Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, posted on her LinkedIn profile how all over Europe, children are returning to school after their summer break.

"500,000 of them are becoming familiar with a new, different school environment. Because these children had to seek shelter in the EU earlier this year, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine," von der Leyen wrote.

Truly inspirational and #StandWithUkraine.

As parents, you may be looking for the best options for your kids this school year.

Amazon has hand-picked finds to make it easier for you to take an informed choice in your buying decision.

Most-loved Back to School picks

These include School Supplies, Backpacks, Lunchboxes, and Kids clothing. Shop now here.

Discover School Essentials

These have the Essentials, including Cleaning items. Shop now here.

Electronics Savings

Here you'll find items that help you save on your electronics purchase such as Laptops & monitors, Headphones & speakers, Printers, laminators & labelers Desk accessories, Alexa Built-in. Shop now here.

School Supplies, for less

In this section, you'll find Grade-wise items including for Grades Pre-K - 2, Grades 3 - 6, Grades 7 - 8, and Grades 9 - 12. Shop now here.

Extra Savings On Extracurriculars

Kids need support and encouragement for extracurriculars, especially after the Pandemic.

Here you'll find an array of sports, music, dance, toys items. Shop now here.

Off to College

Low prices on study spaces

These include School supplies, Printers & scanners, Furniture, Amazon Basics, and Other. Shop now here.

Internet Famous! University - The latest to go viral

You'll find items category-wise: women's fashion, beauty, home, men's fashion. Shop now here.

Your room, your style

A selection of Bohemian, Modern, Traditional, Rustic, and Eclectic. Shop now here.

Find your tech, for less

This has, Desk & study space, Laptops & PCs, Gaming & entertainment, Smart dorm, On the go, Tech accessories, Room electronics, Headphones, Content creation, Small business owned, and Alexa Built-in. Shop now here.


Choose your favorite team, add and explore their latest selection. Shop now here.

Start Prime Student On A 6-month Trial

Students get to begin their Prime Student experience on a 6-month trial and then enjoy it at half the price.

What's included?

Prime delivery, Prime video, Early access to deals, Prime music, Prime reading, Amazon Warehouse, Prime exclusive, Amazon photos.

Students also get to worry less with extra savings with:

6 months FREE of LinkedIn Premium

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Best Back To Schools Offers For Your Kids Or Donate, Gift To A Cause

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