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20 September, 2022

How 60,000 Businesses Achieved A Conversion Rate Of Up To 68%

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Traditional online marketing has become predictable. 

It's barely cutting it for consumers whose buying behaviors, preferences, and values have changed. They are seeking content that's more interactive. 

So throwing advertisements and static content their way is producing little results. 

Today's consumers want brands to connect with them at a human level. 

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Josh Haynam, CEO, and Matthew Clark, CTO, the co-founders of Interact, a San Francisco, California-based company say that "most marketing misses the mark when it comes to making people feel seen and understood. As an online business owner you hardly ever get to have a direct conversation with your clients or customers."

The duo saw this as a big, gaping hole at the heart of online marketing that could empower digital entrepreneurs, creators, and brands to grow their businesses.

They wanted to "recreate that old school feeling of walking up to a storefront and having an actual conversation with the person running the business."

Interact’s quiz builder was born in 2014.

In a crowded content world, quizzes cut through all the noise and accelerate the conversion rate for your business, across all industries.

For instance, Henry's House Of Coffee reached a 68% conversion rate with a product recommendation quiz. 

Their takeaway: "Quizzes create an automated customer journey that personally recommends products to each customer based on their needs and tastes. Once you put in the initial work in setting up your quiz, it will run entirely on autopilot."

With 9 million quizzes completed at an 80% quiz completion rate, Interact assists clients generate 42,000 leads daily.

So what's the best fun and interactive quiz for your business?

Yours could be a service provider or software business, non-profit, education, e-commerce, coaching, or online courses.

The fact is, figuring out how to generate quality leads who want to invest in your offers can leave you mashing your brain cells.

Interact is now inviting you to join the Quiz Mastermind by Interact, from October 11-13, 2022.

What's in it for you?

You will get 5 experts over 3 days to help you build your quiz, launch it effectively, and grow your email list to boost your income!

This is your moment to create high-converting lead generation quizzes, grow your audience, and expand your business.

They have software that's easy to learn and an ever-expanding template list to set you up for success.

The standout of their service is their ability to segment your quiz respondents through your connected email service provider.

Join Interact here.

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