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17 September, 2022

How To Start A New Business And Become An Entrepreneur In Canada

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You are looking to start a business in any province in Canada and succeed.

You have complete clarity about your business concept and plan but have little knowledge about the government and legal process required to set up your business.

You also want to save on the considerable upfront cost of hiring a lawyer and accountant to help launch your business.

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Incorporation is a significant step and can be daunting if you don't have a simpler solution. 

There's also a plethora of advice floating around, making things more complex.

You wish you were able to register, incorporate federally or provincially, automate legal work, and fulfill other requirements within a few days if not minutes.

You can now launch your new business in minutes for less, with Ownr.

Starting in 2017, Ownr has helped over 80,000 new and existing businesses using its simple, convenient, and affordable solution.

Toronto-based Ownr helps you make an informed decision on which business structure is right for you - Incorporation or Sole Proprietorship.

You may want to start with a sole proprietorship and upgrade to incorporation in the future.

Or you may want to incorporate, separating your personal and business obligations.

Making this distinction is critical. 

Ownr says according to an Industry Canada study, only half of all small businesses survive beyond five years of launching.

Here, Ownr guides you with appropriate information such as "If you incorporate and your company goes south, your personal assets will remain protected and untouched. If you do not incorporate and operate your business as a sole proprietorship or a partnership, you will remain personally responsible for the debts of the business – which can put your personal property (like your home, car, and computers) all at risk."

You are also updated on specific instances where directors can remain personally liable for a business’s debts if certain preconditions are not met.

Shadi McIsaac, the CEO and co-founder of Ownr believes entrepreneurs and small business owners are economic change agents both, at the micro and macro levels as they create a product or service that brings value to the market.

Daughter of immigrant parents, Shadi says she has been witness to struggles faced by entrepreneurs. 

So she set out to build "a platform that allows Canadians, with aspirations big and small, the opportunity to realize their life goals through new business creation."

Shadi knows that as an aspiring entrepreneur you mean business and getting started doesn't need to be complicated.

She says when you scale up your new business to the macro level "the collective output has a significant impact on private sector employment, Canada’s GDP, and the overall economy."

As CEO, her responsibility is to ensure Ownr continues to be THE platform that grows with your business.

She was recognized by Bay Street Bull among a list of Canada's most impressive female leaders as the 2021 Woman of the Year.

She was also named among the 50 emerging leaders reinventing how Canada does business by The Globe and Mail.

Ownr is owned by RBC Ventures Inc., a subsidiary of Royal Bank of Canada.

To join Ownr, click here.

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