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11 September, 2022

Short Story Part I: How To Avoid Home, House Break-Ins, Burglary?

Short Story - United States, Europe And Elsewhere

Ryan and Janice felt concerned about the break-in the previous night at their neighbor and family friend Alan and Suzanne's home. 

It was only last weekend, on Ryan and Janice's daughter Crizel's birthday that Alan and Suzanne came over and were discussing incidents of break-ins around the area. 

Suzanne had joked then about how TikToker @tazbands1209 went viral by uploading a clip that showed him making an intruder who broke into his home, clean his bathroom to avoid being arrested.

"I'd have made them clean the bathroom rug and the bath essentials we have," Suzanne said, adding "even the kitchen sink strainer, and clean up our home floor with our cordless vacuum  cleaner."

They had a good laugh about it at that time, but Janice glanced at Ryan and as if they were conversing by telepathy and felt Alan and Suzanne could have at least installed the certified refurbished ring doorbell and alarm in their home. 

Ryan and Janice were happy their home was safe.

They were aware of the fact that there were about 1 million burglaries in the U.S. each year, and in fact, according to Bankrate, a new burglary happened every 26 seconds.

The Zebra reported a more shocking stat. It said, "As per the FBI, there are 2.5 million burglaries annually in the United States,"

So they secured their home with the Blink Ourdoor Camera taking advantage of the Early Prime Day Deals.

Janice's sister, Dorothy, who resides in the UK had recently informed about an Inews report that said "UK police record 1m burglaries since 2017 as experts warn cost of living crisis could lead to more break-ins."

As sad as this news was, Dorothy confirmed she and her friends were compelled to install appropriate smart security cameras and systems to make their abode a Smart Home."

Their telepathy aside, Ryan and Janice had tried convincing Alan and Suzanne to install one in their home.

Now that the break-in happened, the only relief was that the cops had a significant clue about the suspects.

To be continued...

Did the police succeed in catching the culprits?

Did Alan and Suzanne lose any valuable items?

How old is Ryan and Janice's daughter Crizel and what does she do?

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