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08 September, 2022

Which Is The Best POS Software For Your Small Or Large Food Service Biz?

B2B Product Focus: TouchBistro - For All Restaurants

The Covid-19 and resultant pandemic hit the hospitality and restaurant industry the hardest.

Good for you if you are running a food and beverage service business and have all bases covered, including post-pandemic revival. 

You seem sorted considering you are using an innovative and advanced tool.

However, most in the industry continue to wrestle with common restaurant problems. 

Despite this, the National Restaurant Association (NRA) says the food service industry in the USA alone is forecasted to reach $898 billion in sales in 2022, up from $799B in 2021.

Restaurants Canada, a new banner of the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association says Canada's food service sector was a $95 billion industry before the start of the Pandemic.

With business on its way from survival to revival, you'll likely see more full-service restaurants spring up - Food Truck, Family Style, Brewery, Fine Dining, Winery, Quick Service Restaurant, Bar & Club, Fast Casual, Catering, Coffee Shop, Bakery, Cafe.

And irrespective of whether you are an experienced restaurateur or opening a new one, there are two things in common: 

1. The NRA says 8 in 10 restaurant owners started their industry careers in entry-level positions.

2. Restaurant operations hiccups, starting with spending more time manually connecting the dots, and less time connecting with guests and growing your business.

The rise of the millennial workforce, along with changing taste preferences will now require you to fulfill these service demands using innovative tools.

The best POS Software among these is TouchBistro, a Toronto-based restaurant Point-of-Sale (POS) app for the iPad.

TouchBistro's must-have and top-selling ability has resulted in this innovative tool benefitting over 23,000 restaurants in 140 countries and growing.

Alex Barrotti, founder and vice-chairman at TouchBistro says the idea for his POS app was born during a casual conversation he had with a sushi bar owner in Turks and Caicos.

The sushi bar owner asked Barrotti: "How do I take orders from the patio and send them to the kitchen?"

Since then TouchBistro has raised over $300 million in capital and during the pandemic even pivoted from the company's goal of how many new customers signed up in a month to launching a bunch of free tools to help restaurants stay alive.

"Our thought was towards our clients, the restaurants, and not us. The barometer of success changed and we worked on how to assist restaurants in generating revenue," Barrotti said during a small business summit recently.

They say a good leader cares about everyone - clients and employees in the organization!

How does Barrotti's creation TouchBistro benefit your restaurant business?

Here's how TouchBistro helps solve common restaurant problems:

1. Accurately forecasts your labor. Helps you schedule the exact staff you need. Assists you in making staffing decisions on the fly.

TouchBistro is integrated with 7Shifts, a staff scheduling app. This allows you to streamline staff scheduling and forecasting.

The integration gives you better control over staff clock-in and outs, along with the benefit of tracking overtime hours, staff performance, and labor costs on the TouchBistro cloud portal.

With TouchBistro, managing staff scheduling and tracking the cost of labor is easier and quicker compared to the conventional method that's time-consuming and complicated.

You can now refer TouchBistro's reporting that details peak and slow times in your business with real-time access to labor to sales ratios so that you can schedule the exact staff you need.

2. How to ensure serving staff in your restaurant don't miss upselling opportunities at the table or behind the counter?

TouchBistro assists your serving staff or servers eliminate time spent running back and forth between tables. They simply take the iPad to the table and send orders wirelessly.

This tableside ordering helps your staff fulfill orders accurately and faster so that they can upsell high-margin menu items and use pop-up modifiers for suggestive selling.

TouchBistro has features like one-touch bill splitting, customizable menu display modes, and one-swipe seat joining, allowing your servers to focus on customer experience.

3. How to know the cost and margin on all your menu items?

Deciphering profit margins can be cumbersome and confusing. TouchBistro ensures you won't need a PhD to know what's going on with your menu.

With TouchBistro running on your iPad, you'll be able to see what your most profitable menu items are and use these insights to strategically promote higher-margin items.

4. What's the best way to have your customers come back more often?

Acquiring new customers is more expensive than retaining the existing ones. So, you want to personalize the customer experience to ensure these new customers keep coming back more often.

For this, TouchBistro Loyalty is integrated into the POS to help you and your staff build relationships with your new guests.

The designed-in Loyalty offers you the option to incentivize customers to sign up, collect and redeem points for discounts and promotions.

This allows you to analyze their purchase behaviors and develop targeted SMS and email messaging encouraging them to return more often.

5. You are paying too much for your current POS and want an alternative.

TouchBistro is an affordable POS solution. It's a subscription-based POS, unlike the traditional, legacy POS technology. 

So instead of the steep upfront licensing fee and update charges, you can choose between flexible monthly and annual payment plans.

You can scale up or down in subscriptions depending on your need.

The bonus: As a TouchBistro customer you benefit from free monthly updates, meaning you'll always use the latest technology the POS industry has to offer.

Additional benefit: Support is available 24/7/365 at no extra cost.

6. You are worried about the POS crashing while in use.

TouchBistro is a hybrid, having the reliability and security of a local connection. 

It doesn't rely on the internet to function as it can provide remote access to the cloud when necessary.

In contrast, cloud-based POSs lack reliability as they need the internet to run. 

So even when your restaurant's Internet goes down, your business can function as usual with TouchBistro active in your hand.

TouchBistro believes it gets restaurants, except for helping you make Gnocchi just like your Nana did.

TouchBistro has won several honors and awards including:

The Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Canada Leadership, presented to winners for effective management and market attractiveness in a high-growth, competitive market.

The Red Herring Top 100 Global list. It identifies promising private companies and entrepreneurs in North America, Europe, and Asia that embody the vision, drive, and innovation that defines a successful entrepreneurial venture.

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