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08 October, 2022

Do You Love Independent Artists, Pets And Animals, Silver, And CAPM? This Is For You

Products by independent artists; handmade artisan silver jewelry; shop to fund people, pets, and animals; Drop in CAPM exam prep course fee

Society6's Up to 40% Off On Premium Products

Society6, the marketplace offering you premium products you'll never find at a typical retail store, is giving discounts this holiday season:

40% Off Desk Essentials: Tech Acc, Stationery, Tabletop Shop now

Build your Gallery Wall Sale: 40% Off Wall Art Shop now

New Apparel Click New Apparel Shop now

Why should you prefer Society6? 

The premium products here are designed by thousands of independent artists around the world.

Every purchase pays the artist who created your piece. This simple idea inspires millions of individuals to find new ways to express themselves.

Together, you and the artists make this world a more creative place!

What's more in it for you?

You get unique choices with over 3 million designs on over 30 different products to select from.

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On their Halloween shop, the haunt is on! NEW CUSTOMER OFFER! Get 20% Off With Code S6NEW20!  Buy here

SilverRushStyle Columbus Day Super Sale & More

SilverRushStyle, a family company that sells handmade artisan silver jewelry with gemstones, is offering a Columbus Day Super Sale.

This Tampa, Florida-based company,  has over 10000 unique designs that's one of the largest selections of Handmade Gemstone Jewelry available anywhere on the Internet.

Why SilverRush? They give you free and fast shipping, have all jewelry in stock, unique designs, 30 days returns, free gift with every purchase over $200, and artisan crafted jewelry.

Silver is timeless. It remains constant throughout ages. Silver is neutral and suits most colors whatever you wear.  

Wearing silver jewelry is considered one of the best ways to display your creative aspirations, beauty and style.

One of the earliest metals used by mankind, Silver was ubiquitous for the Babylonians, Greek, Persian, and ancient Romans.

Silver was used for medical purposes in 4000 A.D., due to its disinfecting properties, was used in the treatment of wounds, and to prevent deterioration of drinking water and milk.

Monarchs and nobility ate only from silver vessels. Absorbing silver with every meal reinforced their immune system, helping their bodies defend against pathogens.

When you buy silver jewelry, you care for it. The best and simplest method is to use zip lock bags to store your silver jewelry - it works! An air-tight bag helps prevent tarnishing of silver and the stone.

Avoid having your silver sprayed with lotions and perfumes. So wear it last, after you have dressed up, done your hair and makeup. And take it off first when you get back home. Silver, when constantly exposed to your skin oil helps coat it and prevents it from getting tarnished. Wear your silver jewelry often.

Events when they have special announcements: Columbus Day, Back to School, Valentine's Day, Labor Day, Cyber Monday, Memorial Day, Mother's Day, Black Friday, Holiday, Christmas, St Patrick's Day, New Year, Halloween, Independence Day, Easter, Thanksgiving.

Greater Good's Up To 80% Off On Super Cozy Collection

Greater Good which cares for People, Pets and the Planet is giving you up to 80% Off on their Super Cozy Collection on the Greater Good and Animal Rescue sites. 

Support The Humane Society When You Shop! The Animal Rescue Site Donates 20% Of The Sale Price Of Every Purchase To The Humane Society of The United States. Shop now

When you shop at the Greater Good store,  you generate funding that benefits people, pets, and the planet. Greater Good is a registered fundraiser for GreaterGood Organization and has raised more than $75 million for charity.

GreaterGood organization is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that helps improve the health and well-being of people, pets, and the planet. 

Over the last 11 years, GreaterGood organization has given over $175 million in cash and in-kind grants to over 5,000 charitable partners worldwide. 

Save Up To 80% Off Our Super Cozy Collection Buy here

It runs Signature Programs staffed by experts in their field, including Rescue Rebuild, Rescue Bank, Girls’ Voices, and Madrean Discovery Expeditions.

Save Up To 80% Off Our Super Cozy Collection Shop now

The programs and projects, run combined by the business sites and the charitable arm have addressed vital needs including disaster relief, funding food and care for people and animals; providing mammograms and related support to women; funding research in the areas of autism, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and breast cancer; preserving and reforesting threatened habitats; and providing scholarships and new books to children.  

Get Spooky With All Things Halloween Shop now

Their product sourcing extends to these cares. They have aligned with vendors and suppliers who share their values. They pay a fair market wage and give preference to products made in a sustainable fashion and/or by fair-trade collectives.

Stock Up On Coats, Hats & Mittens Shopnow

They do not do business with those who engage in child labor and coercive manufacturing environments or treat animals inhumanely.

Your purchases makes them feel confident they are changing the world from start to finish.

Alpaca Mittens, Hats, Scarves Shop now

Shop our collection of best sellers online at Greater Good. Every item sold in our store funds food for rescue animals in need. Shop now

Greater Good is involved with charity, donate, research, apparel, clothing, jewelry, non profit, animal rescue, animal shelter, animal cruelty, adopt animal, adopt dog, adopt cat.

Brain Sensei Drops CAPM 1-year Access Exam Prep Course Fee

Brain Sensei which offers Project Management exam prep courses has dropped the price of the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) 1-year access exam prep course to $199.99.

Brain Sensei - 100% CAPM Pass Guarantee! Shop now

Why CAPM? 

The CAPM accreditation distinguishes you from competitors in the job market and raises your value in the eyes of potential employers.

It’s also a great stepping stone to the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

Brain Sensei - 100% PMP Pass Guarantee! Shop now

What's the difference between the two? Which is better?

Although PMP is more sought after, both are fundamentally the same.

You have to use the Project Management Body of Knowledge, or PMBOK to study for both the PMP and the CAPM certifications.

However, the PMP credential is more commonly mentioned than the CAPM certification.

The distinction between the two is the test. The CAPM certification exam consists of 150 knowledge-based questions, while the PMP test is experience-based and consists of 400 questions. 

The founders of Brain Sensei are certified project managers. 

They realized that someone elsewhere made it a rule that online learning should be boring. 

The courses elsewhere were focused on the serious-looking corporate professional, with many leather bound books and whose apartment smells like rich mahogany.

The course material was presented in streaming video that looked like a PowerPoint deck with an audio track of the instructor explaining things.

So the founders of Brain Sensei set out to create simple and innovative PMP and CAPM online exam prep courses that are not painful, are interesting.

Brain Sensei - Start Your Free Trial Today!

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